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Terrorpin are turtle-like enemies that appear in The Legend of Zelda series.


A Link to the Past

When Link first encounters a Terrorpin, it appears to be an indestructible enemy. Their hard shells are impenetrable by Link's Master Sword. As Link journeys through the Dark Palace, he will acquire the Magic Hammer and he can use his this weapon to flip a Terrorpin upside down. Whenever Link uses the Magic Hammer near a Terrorpin it will flip upside down, leaving its soft belly vulnerable to Link's attacks. However, this will only last for a few moments, as the Terrorpin will eventually flip back to its proper positioning.

If Link uses the Magic Hammer a second time while the Terrorpin is flipped over, the enemy will revert back to its normal position. Terrorpins usually move rather slowly, moving either vertically or horizontally, being unable to move diagonally. However, if they've been flipped upside down, as soon as the revert back to the normal position, they will start moving more aggressively towards Link. If they come into contact with Link, a full heart of damage will be done. After they are flipped on their bellies, two slashes with Link's Master Sword will do them in. Alternatively, if a Terrorpin is flipped on its belly, a direct hit with the Magic Hammer will defeat it in one strike.

Four Swords Adventures

A Link Between Worlds

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