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A Link to the Past
Ice Palace
A Link Between Worlds
Ice Ruins


Freezors are enemies from A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds.

A Link to the Past


Freezor can first be found in the very first room of the Ice Palace. These creatures are ice statues that are stuck in the wall. It is only when Link walks in front of these ice sculptures that the Freezor activates and starts chasing Link around. Only certain Freezors actually activate, while others remain inactive and stay within the wall. Freezor move rather slowly when they move left and right. However, when moving up and down, Freezors move very quickly and can be quite a threat.

Freezors are some of the most dangerous enemies that Link encounters throughout the entire game. If a Freezor makes contact with Link, four full hearts of damage will be done.

Freezors are only vulnerable from fire-based attacks. One hit from the Fire Rod defeats a Freezor. Link can also use the Bombos Medallion to defeat any active Freezors that are on the screen. The only other fire item, the Lamp, has no effect on Freezors. Some weapons such as the Boomerang or the Hookshot can temporarily knock a Freezor back, but they cannot stun or defeat the enemy.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, Freezors appear much like their predecessors in A Link to the Past. They act like a frozen statue until Link moves too close, at which point they pop out of the wall and attack. Some Freezors never emerge from their frozen state, however, and many only attack after a certain door is opened or a switch has been pressed. As these enemies are ice-based, they appear almost exclusively within the Ice Ruins, except for a brief room in the Treacherous Tower.

These enemies can only be defeated with a shot from the Fire Rod and are completely immune to sword attacks.