Stalfos (A Link to the Past)

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Blue Stalfos from A Link to the Past



Stalfos are enemies that come in multiple variations and colors within A Link to the Past. They all share the same boney characteristics as other Stalfos from other The Legend of Zelda titles.

Blue Stalfos


Blue Stalfos first appear within the Eastern Palace. They are the most fundamental of the Stalfos family and provide very little harm to Link. Blue Stalfos often appear in bunches, but even then they are quite harmless to Link as they will only do a 1/2 heart of damage if they come into contact with Link.

They quickly move around the ground, wandering back and forth in no particular order. If Link draws near and swipes at them with his sword, the Stalfos will jump back to avoid the attack. In order to harm them, Link must attack from up close, so the attack hits before the Stalfos can jump away. Alternatively, Link can corner a stalfos by backing it into a wall before slashing at it.

It will take two strikes with Link's Fighter's Sword to defeat this creature. Alternatively, Link can toss his Boomerang at a Stalfos and can defeat it with four strikes. If Link sprinkles Magic Powder on a Blue Stalfos, it will transform into a Slime enemy.

Gray Stalfos


Gray Stalfos are the second type of Stalfos that Link encounters on his adventure. Link will first encounter a Gray Stalfos while venturing through the Eastern Palace. After acquiring the Big Key, Link will be able to open the dungeon Treasure Chest that contains the Bow. As as soon as he collects this item, four Gray Stalfos will fall from the ceiling, landing near the big treasure chest.

These skeleton enemies attack by lifting their skull and tossing it towards Link. The skulls will then spin around Link for a few moments before then floating off the screen. Link can strike a Gray Stalfos before it tosses its head and it will take four slashes with the Fighter's Sword to defeat the enemy. However, if Link just attacks it once, the Gray Stalfos will crumble to the ground and will eventually stand up and float away without harming Link.

Once these Stalfos toss their heads at Link, the skulls are not vulnerable to Links attacks. Hitting them will just slightly deflect them away. Link should just avoid the floating skulls until they float off the screen.

Gray Stalfos are completely identical to the Yellow Stalfos found later in the quest, other than their enemy color.

Red Stalfos


Red Stalfos first appear within the Tower of Hera, found alongside their Blue Stalfos counterparts. Red Stalfos move around the room just as Blue Stalfos and will jump away when Link tries to harm him with his sword. After the Red Stalfos jumps away, it will toss a bone in Link's direction that can harm Link. Despite this additional attack, the tossed bone does very little damage to Link. Link will need to sustain two hits from the tossed bone, just to lose a 1/2 heart of damage.

Despite its color difference, the Red Stalfos still takes just two hits from Link's Fighter's Sword to defeat. Likewise, the Red Stalfos does the same amount of damage when it comes into contact with Link.

Yellow Stalfos


Yellow Stalfos are first encountered within the Dark Palace, the first dungeon found within the Dark World. These Stalfos are completely identical to the Gray Stalfos that were previously found within the Eastern Palace. They will fall from the ceiling, lift their skulls, and toss them out towards Link.

Yellow Stalfos are found exclusively within just one room of the Dark Palace.

Green Stalfos


Green Stalfos first appear within Misery Mire. Unlike the Red and Blue variants, these Stalfos don't have full bodies, but instead, only have a Skull. Unlike the Yellow Stalfos, the Green Stalfos skulls don't spin around rapidly and then float off screen. Green Stalfos move very slowly towards Link and can withstand quite a few sword slashes. It will take Link six strikes with his Master Sword to defeat these enemies.

While the Green Stalfos themselves aren't much trouble, they often come in groups with other damaging enemies, including Anti-Fairy, Bari, and a Fireball Cannon.

Green Stalfos are completely identical to the Orange Stalfos found later in the quest, other than their enemy color.

Orange Stalfos


Orange Stalfos are encountered exclusively within Turtle Rock, the seventh dungeon found within the Dark World. These Stalfos are completely identical to the Green Stalfos that were previously found within Misery Mire. They consist only of a floating Skull and they'll slowly creep towards Link. They have quite a lot of health and will take a number of sword slashes to defeat.