Dark Palace (A Link to the Past)

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Level 1: Dark Palace



East Dark World


Light World Counterpart






The Dark Palace is a dungeon in the Dark World of A Link to the Past that can be found in the same location as the Light World's Eastern Palace. It is sometimes referred to as the Palace of Darkness. To enter the dungeon, Link needs the help of Kiki the Monkey. He unfortunately charges Link 100 Rupees to help him enter.


"The Palace in this region was said to have been the residence of the King of the Golden Land. After Ganon took over, the Hylian King moved out and the Helmasaur King move in. With no upkeep, the garden maze became overgrown and the halls of the palace deteriorated."

"Monkeys played a big part in the design of the Dark Palace exterior. In addition to monkey statues, live monkeys were also sighted on the grounds."

"The passages inside the Dark Palace confused explorers even more than the maze on the grounds. Many adventurers were confused by the switches which opened doors and moved blocks up and down. In a room on the first floor, there was a Crystal switch which could only be triggered by an Arrow, the Master Sword's beam, a Boomerang or a Bomb. In another room, there was constant pressure on a switch on the floor. By moving a statue explorers were able to venture into the next room."

"The only way to open the Dark Palace Entrance was to flip the switch on the roof."

"There were many switches in the Dark Palace that had to be triggered in order for some important passage to open. Lighting torches made the dark dungeon depths easier to explore."

--A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide

Dungeon Map



Helmasaur King

Link must first remove his mask by hitting it with the hammer. Link can also use Bombs, but he will most likely have to move away by the time they explode. If Link stands right in front of him, Link will be safe from his tail, but if he opens his mouth and fires three fireballs at Link, he has to stand in-between the lower two and inline with the top one. They will then each split into four, but Link should be safe from getting hit. Once his mask is gone, it will reveal a green spot which Link must hit with arrows. His attacks don't really change, but he will start to move a bit quicker, making it harder to hit him. After about seven hits with arrows on the green spot, he will be done.


Magic Hammer

The Magic Hammer is needed to help defeat the dungeon boss, the Helmasaur King. It is found on a platform to the left of the collapsing bridge. Find it by going through the room that is an unlit maze and getting to the wall inside of it that needs to be bombed.