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Light World
Lttp map worldlight locatio.jpg
A Link to the Past Overworld Map


Points of

The Light World is the realm in which Hyrule exists, distinct from other dimensions such as the Dark World, the Twilight Realm and Lorule's world.


A Link to the Past

The term "Light World" comes from A Link to the Past. The Light World is untouched by Ganon but is in danger of being merged with the Dark World, an event that could bring cataclysmic consequences. The Light World features three main dungeons and Hyrule Castle.

Denizens of the Light World are changed to reflect their inner being in the Dark World. In Link's case, he is turned into a bunny.

Twilight Princess

Hyrule's world is referred to as the "world of light"[1][2][3] and "light world"[4][5]. Initially, the whole of Hyrule is covered in Twilight with the shattering of the Light Spirits' power. This turns most of the light world's people into spirits, as they can't exist in the twilight. Midna and Wolf Link restore it fully to the light world by collecting Tears of Light to restore the Spirits.


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