Zora's Waterfall

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Zora's Waterfall

Zora's Waterfall, also referred to as Zora's Lake, is a location featured in A Link to the Past.


Zora's Waterfall is located at the northeast corner of Hyrule, just beyond the Waterfall of Wishing. Strangely, its location isn't even marked on Link's map. Link is shown to be in the same location when he is in the Waterfall of Wishing and when he is within the Zora's Waterfall.


Zora's Waterfall is crowded with River Zora. Since the Waterfall has some shallow waterfall, these River Zora enemies can actually walk on the shallow water. This is the only location in A Link to the Past where River Zora are seen outside of the water.

The main attraction at Zora's Waterfall is King Zora, located at the northeast corner of the Waterfall. When Link walks up to him, King Zora will come out from underwater, asking what Link wants. Link can purchase Flippers for 500 Rupees. In addition to giving Link the Flippers, King Zora will grant Link access to the Whirlpool Waterways that are found throughout the Overworld.

After acquiring the Flippers from King Zora, Link can swim directly southward from where the King was found. Link can jump down the waterfall here to reach a land area in the center of Zora's Waterfall. A Piece of Heart is tucked away to the west.