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The Swordsmiths' Shop is the workplace of the Dwarven Swordsmiths from A Link to the Past and Ancient Stone Tablets.

A Link to the Past

Swordsmiths' Shop interior - LTTPSNES.png

The two Dwarven Swordsmiths work in the Swordsmiths' Shop just east of Kakariko Village. Initially, only one Swordsmith is present, the other having been lost in the Dark World. The remaining Swordsmith tells Link that he can't do anything for his sword until his "lost partner returns".[1]

If the other Swordsmith is rescued from just south of the Village of Outcasts and brought back to the shop, they will temper the Master Sword for only 10 rupees, "a big discount"[2], in thanks. They remain at work in their workshop for the rest of the game, and are seen still there in the credits.

Ancient Stone Tablets

The Swordsmiths' Shop is not accessible before Week 2.

During Week 2, if the Hero of Light finds the shop, only one Dwarven Swordsmith is present, the other having gone to pick mushrooms in the Lost Woods and not returned. Finding the other swordsmith in the Lost Woods and returning him to the shop will lead them to offer to temper the hero's LV1 Sword into a LV2 Sword.

If this sidequest is not completed in Week 2, in subsequent weeks both swordsmiths are present in their workshop and will temper a LV1 Sword. They do not temper a LV3 Sword or the Master Sword (which retains its fully-upgraded Golden Sword form from A Link to the Past). If the Hero has a rented LV2 Sword from the Rental Shop, the swordsmiths will upgrade their sword to LV2 permanently, and any time remaining on the rental is lost.


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