Sanctuary (A Link to the Past)

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"It was supposed to be a place of peace, but history shows that the Hyrulean Sanctuary was once the site of a brutal battle. One of the oldest structures in the land, it was where Zelda went for help when she first escaped Agahnim, and the Sage there offered her shelter. He was a kind man who was said to have guided Link on the first steps of his legendary journey."

"The Sage kept a Heart Container in the ornate chest near the altar in the Sanctuary. He offered it to Link and urge him to challenge Agahnim."

A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide

The Sanctuary is a location in A Link to the Past.

Link ends up at the Sanctuary near the start of the game after leading Princess Zelda through the Sewers and away from her captors at Hyrule Castle. A Piece of Heart and the Loyal Sage will be waiting for Link. Link will be able to return here many times throughout his journey.

Apple Trees

When Link dashes into the red tree in the front, on the East side of the door, it will drop Apples that restore Link's health. It only does this before Link defeats Agahnim. After his downfall, all that will be waiting for Link in its branches are angry Bees.