Eastern Palace (A Link to the Past)

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The Eastern Palace, also known as the East Palace, is a Light World dungeon in A Link to the Past. It is located at the east end of Hyrule within the Eastern Palace Compound.

Many Stalfos are found here. Link must go through this dungeon in order to obtain the Pendant of Courage. The boss of this dungeon is the Armos Knights. The dungeon item of the Eastern Palace is the Bow, which is found in almost every Zelda game. Once Link completes this dungeon, Sahasrahla gives him the Pegasus Boots and tells him where to get the Ice Rod. A similar dungeon appears in Four Swords Adventures called the Eastern Temple.


"Eastern Elegance"
"Although not as grand as Hyrule Palace, the Eastern Palace was once an awesome sight to behold. The floors were tiled with cool blue marble and the walls were constructed with blocks of jade-like stone. It was only two stories tall, and the lower level was a huge, sprawling maze."

"Twin Gargoyle's heads, carved in stone, adorned the courtyard at the Eastern Palace entrance. Cool and stark inside, the palace first appeared to be deserted, but then skeletons materialized and sleeping giants awoke to charge intruders. The Bow was discovered in a chest there. Link used the Bow and Arrows to defeat the giant Armos Knights and get the Pendant they held."

--A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide

Dungeon Map



Main article: Armos Knight (A Link to the Past)

Armos Knights are one of the easiest bosses in the game. Pull out the bow and, once they start moving, shoot arrows at them. Three arrows for each Knight will do the job. It is pretty safe in the corners.

When there is only one Knight left, he will turn red and start jumping and trying to land on Link. When he's about to land, move out of the way and hit him with the sword. It is also possible to hit him with arrows while he is jumping.



"Link later became known as the most skilled archer in all of Hyrule, and historians believe that he found and first used the Bow and Arrow in the Eastern Palace. They were the most effective weapons to use against the fierce Armos Knights and several other enemies."

Pendant of Courage

Link will receive this one once he has defeated the Armos Knights. If Link shows it to Sahasrahla he will be rewarded with the Pegasus Boots.