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This article is about the 2019 Switch game. For the 1993 Game Boy game, see Link's Awakening (Game Boy). For the 1998 Game Boy Color game, see Link's Awakening DX.
Link's Awakening (Switch)



North America September 20, 2019
Japan September 20, 2019
Europe September 20, 2019
Australia September 20, 2019






The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is a remake of the 1993 game of the same name. Announced during a Nintendo Direct presentation on February 13th, 2019[1], the game received a short teaser trailer. During E3 2019, a worldwide release date of September 20th, 2019 was shown. The game has received a massive overhaul in the graphics department, although the overworld is largely unchanged gameplay-wise. Aspects of Link's Awakening DX are also included, such as the Color Dungeon, though the Camera Shop does not appear, as it is replaced by Dampé's Shack.


Main article: Link's Awakening Story

After defeating Ganon in A Link to the Past, Link decides to go on a journey to prepare himself in case such an evil returns. During this journey, Link's ship falls prey to a storm. Link wakes up on the beach of the mysterious island of Koholint, where he must gather eight instruments in order to wake the Wind Fish sleeping atop Mt. Tamaranch and leave the island.


The game's art-style has radically changed, creating a much more modern look, with high-resolution models and shaders present. There is a blur effect on the edges of the screen, though only when Link is in the overworld. The character models appear to have a chibi look, almost reminiscent of toys.


  • Link is now able to attack diagonally, as opposed to the original, where he could only swing his sword in four set directions. This is the same for overworld movement.
  • Several items get dedicated buttons - Sword, Hylian Shield, Pegasus Boots, Power Bracelet - and no longer need to be equipped from the pause menu. You still need to collect the items to make their function available.
  • A new ledge is present on the top of Kanalet Castle, allowing Link to jump off. This allows Link to quickly access the exit to the castle instead of having to backtrack through the dungeon, as was required beforehand[2].
  • The entrance to Bottle Grotto has one of the flowers replaced with a heavy rock, making it possible to re-enter the dungeon after returning BowWow.
  • Apple trees appear in the overworld, which Link can run in to, causing them to drop. They can be eaten, functioning similarly to Recovery Hearts.[3]
  • A new item, the Fairy Bottle, appears in the game. It "looks big enough to hold a Fairy inside".[4] One can be found at the bottom of the Fishing Pond, another is given to Link from Dampé after completing a Chamber Dungeon, and a third is given when completing the lonely Ghost quest.
  • There are now 20 Heart Containers in the game, six more than in the original version. Certain Pieces of Heart have also been shifted in location.
  • The number of Secret Seashells has increased from 26 to 50, none of which are missable. There are also new rewards for gaining seashells, including a new item, the Seashell Sensor.
  • The Fishing minigame has been given a larger variety of fish over time as well as new lures.
  • The Trendy Game has been extended to give figures as possible prizes. These figures can be placed in some houses in Mabe Village.
  • The Rapids Ride game has an additional racing mode.
  • Warp Holes are replaced by Warp Points, and several more have been added. Additionally, Manbo's Mambo will let Link choose which warp point to warp to from any overworld location.
  • Finishing Angler's Tunnel will always cause the Ghost to appear shortly after, even if Catfish's Maw and other subsequent dungeons are completed.
  • Stealing from the shop is now more difficult.
  • The chess piece horse head puzzle in Face Shrine is no longer random, but rather has a specific technique.
  • Cuccos and Mutts are now truly invincible. Neither Magic Powder nor the Magic Rod kills them.
  • The Shadow Nightmares' final form can now be damaged with the Magic Rod in addition to the Boomerang and Bow.

New Features

Chamber Dungeons

Main article: Chamber Dungeon

These are customizable dungeons accessed by speaking to Dampé in his shack, located where the Camera Shop was in Link's Awakening DX (west Tal Tal Heights). Dampé presents Link with various challenges, which require him to arrange chambers from previously explored dungeons to create a new dungeon in a specific shape. Chamber Dungeons must have an entrance room, Nightmare's Lair, and all doors must connect. There also must be enough chests holding keys to be able to unlock every locked door or block. If there is more than one stairway in the dungeon, Link must choose which ones will connect. Link can earn various items as reward, including Rupees and a Fairy Bottle.


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One amiibo was released with the game based on Link's new appearance. All Legend of Zelda amiibo are usable in the game, and they each provide different Plus Effects in the Chamber Dungeon, adding new gameplay elements to the rooms of the dungeon. The Link's Awakening Link amiibo adds Shadow Link to the dungeon, who will follow Link through the rooms. Defeating Shadow Link will reward Link with additional Rupees[5].


Main article: Link's Awakening Characters

The majority of characters return in this remake, with one notable exception being the Photographer. Recurring character Dampé appears in their place, allowing Link to access the Chamber Dungeons and their challenges.


Main article: Link's Awakening Enemies

Enemies are largely in the exact same locations where they appeared in the original, with significant overhauls to their game models.


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Scene art


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Trailer Screenshots

Nintendo Direct February 2019

E3 2019


Nintendo Direct Reveal Trailer 02-13-19

E3 2019 Trailer 06-11-19

E3 Nintendo Treehouse: Live Gameplay 06-11-19


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