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The Ocarina is a recurring instrument in the Zelda series. It first appeared in A Link to the Past, when it was used to teleport Link to certain places in the Light World. It has now appeared in six different games. There are six different ocarinas, the most well known being the Ocarina of Time.


A Link to the Past

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The flute in A Link to the Past is used to teleport to set locations, but only while in the Light World. When played, a Duck would swoop in and carry Link away. He could then choose where he wished to jump to. While it is called a Flute in all the English versions, it is called an Ocarina in the Japanese game.

Link's Awakening

Ocarina Artwork from Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, the Ocarina is received at Dream Shrine and can be used to play three different songs: Manbo's Mambo, Frog's Song of Soul, and Ballad of the Wind Fish. Marin asks Link to play the Ballad of the Wind Fish to accompany her singing.[1] She also comments that his playing is "not very good" if he plays it while they are traveling to the Walrus together.[2] After gathering the Eight Instruments of the Sirens, Link plays along on the Ocarina outside of the Wind Fish's Egg on Mt. Tamaranch to open a passage.[3]

Ocarina of Time

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There are two ocarinas in Ocarina of Time. The first one Link receives is the Fairy Ocarina, which his friend Saria gives him just as he is leaving the Kokiri Forest. This is only used for the first part of the game, until he gets the second ocarina, the Ocarina of Time. Link receives this ocarina from Princess Zelda herself.

Majora's Mask

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The ocarina in Majora's Mask is the same as the one in its predecessor: the Ocarina of Time. It is stolen from Link shortly after the start of the game by the Skull Kid. Link must retrieve it from him by the end of the first three days. Then he remembers the Song of Time, and he must play it to return to the Dawn of the First Day. This cycle is repeated endlessly throughout the game.

The Minish Cap

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In the The Minish Cap, the Ocarina Link gets is a brand new one, not used in any other game. It is called the Ocarina of Wind. It is used in a similar fashion to the Flute in A Link to the Past by calling a bird named Zeffa. However, before Link can fly to a location, he must first have examined a Wind Crest, which will cause it to blow up and reveal a symbol. There are eight Wind Crests in The Minish Cap.

Link obtains the Ocarina of Wind after he completes the Fortress of Winds. It is required to get to the fourth dungeon of the game, the Temple of Droplets.

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

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In Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, Tingle obtains the Bone Ocarina, an Ocarina used to summon pirates while standing on a dock. It is obtained not long after finishing the second dungeon, the Pirate Hideaway in Cape Treasure. It gets an upgrade later on in the game.



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