Ocarina of Wind

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Ocarina of Wind
Official artwork




Warp to any Wind Crest around Hyrule

The Ocarina of Wind is an item from The Minish Cap.

The Minish Cap

Throughout the game, Link and Ezlo encounter gravestone-like tablets in different areas around Hyrule, which crumble away when interacted with, revealing a wing-like symbol on the ground. When the Ocarina of Wind is played, the bird Zeffa appears and carries Link to any one of the eight Wind Crests found around Hyrule.

It functions similarly to the Song of Soaring in Majora's Mask, where Link has to hit Owl Statues with the Sword to activate them, allowing him to revisit them by playing the Song of Soaring on the Ocarina of Time, as well as the Flute in A Link to the Past, which allows Link to warp to eight spots around Hyrule once he plays it in front of the Weathercock in Kakariko Village.


The Ocarina of Wind is a blue ocarina, similar to the Ocarina of Time. When played, the Ocarina of Wind plays the same melody that the Recorder in The Legend of Zelda played (albeit more smooth and pleasant to hear), and Zeffa flies from the side.


After defeating Mazaal in the Fortress of Winds, Link approaches a tablet of stone in the room behind the Boss Room. After reading a message left behind by the Wind Tribe, who left some years prior, Zeffa flies in from the side and drops the Ocarina of Wind behind Link. The Ocarina is required to advance through the game after that. A Wind Crest is open in Lake Hylia, but Link had never interacted with it, and it takes him to a raised platform by a Minish House, inside of which a Picori tells him about Elder Librari.

Wind Crest Locations

There are eight Wind Crests located around Hyrule, seven of which must be activated manually by interacting with the gravestone-like tablets. They are found in the following locations, in order of appearance.

  1. Minish Woods, after exiting the Minish Village through the Elder's house, north of the small puddle of water and Minish House.
  2. Hyrule Town, to the left of the school in the northeast corner of the town.
  3. South Hyrule Field, northeast of Link's House.
  4. Mt. Crenel, south of the Cave of Flames, and West of the Minish Village.
  5. Castor Wilds, across a puddle of muck west of the statues that Link must fuse Kinstones with.
  6. Lake Hylia, on a raised platform by a Minish Portal and Minish House. This one is already active upon receiving the Ocarina of Wind.
  7. Veil Falls, by the ladder that leads to the peak of the mountain.
  8. Cloud Tops, in front of the house where the Wind Tribe resides.