Magical Rod

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This article is about the item from The Legend of Zelda. For the item from Link's Awakening, see Magic Rod.
Magical Rod
Artwork from Game Manual




Harms Enemies
Lights rooms after Book of Magic upgrade


The Magical Rod is an optional item from The Legend of Zelda. It is found in the sixth dungeon of the game, The Dragon, and serves as the main item found in that dungeon. The Magical Rod's main use is it shoots a beam forward that can harm enemies. This item has the exact same attack power and attack method as a White Sword Sword Beam. This item is great when Link does not have full health, as it does what a fully charged White Sword does. This item can be used to defeat most bosses, including Aquamentus, Digdogger, and Gleeok.

Later on in the game, Link has the opportunity to upgrade the Magical Rod into a more powerful version of itself. This upgrade can be preformed once Link acquires the Book of Magic from the eighth dungeon of the game, The Lion. This upgrade causes the Magical Rod's beam to erupt in flames after it makes contact with an object.[1] This can be used to light up any dark room, like Candles. However, these flames can cause damage to Link, so they are best avoided.




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