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Blue Ring


09 (Oracle of Ages)



Item Shop (The Legend of Zelda)
Underneath a Sarcophagus Statue in the Sea of No Return, just southeast of the entrance to the Ancient Tomb. (Oracle of Ages)


Power Glove (Oracle of Ages)


250 Rupees (The Legend of Zelda)


Reducing the damage inflicted by an enemy by half[1][2]


The Blue Ring is an item from The Legend of Zelda and Oracle of Ages.

The Legend of Zelda

Blue Ring sprite from The Legend of Zelda

The Blue Ring can be bought from a travelling Merchant in one of his secret Item Shops. It costs 250 Rupees, making it the most expensive item in the game. When purchased by Link, this item changes his outfit from green to a light blue color. This altered tunic cuts all damage dealt to Link by enemies in half.[1] This item can be purchased as soon as Link has collected 250 Rupees; no completion of any dungeon is necessary. Furthermore, it is a completely optional item.

Once acquired, Link cannot revert to his green outfit during the playthrough.

Oracle Series

Oracle of Ages

Blue Ring sprite from Oracle of Ages

While progressing through the Ancient Tomb, Link acquires the dungeon item, the Power Glove. This item allows Link to lift large objects, including the blue Sarcophagus Statues that are found just outside the Ancient Tomb within the Sea of No Return.

At the east end of the Sea of No Return, there is a Sarcophagus Statue that is surrounded by several Blue Darknuts and Blue Lynels. Lift up this statue to reveal a Treasure Chest. Open it up to get a Seed Ring, which turns out to be the Blue Ring.

When equipped, the Blue Ring doubles the damage Link is willing to withstand. Unlike the Armor Ring L-2, which also doubles Link's ability to withstand damage, the Blue Ring has no effect on the damage that Link does when he attacks enemies.

A similar ring affecting Link's Strength can be acquired in the form of the Red Ring. There is another color-based ring that combines the effects of the Blue and Red Ring in the form of the Green Ring.

Oracle of Seasons

There is no way to acquire the ring in Oracle of Seasons alone, but it can be acquired by using the Ring Secret in a Linked Game. It functions in exactly the same way as Oracle of Ages if equipped.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

BS The Legend of Zelda

Blue Ring sprite from BS The Legend of Zelda

The Blue Ring is found in an Item Shop west of the dock to Level 4, and first becomes available after the hero has bought a Blue Candle at the beginning of Week 2. As standard it costs 250 rupees, but the Starting Screen cave Old Man casts a spell on merchants to temporarily reduce the price of all shop items, including the Blue Ring, to half price between 20 and 28 minutes into Week 2.

As in other games, it reduces damage taken by 50% compared to default.


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