Rupee Ring

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Rupee Ring





Given to Link by Vasu


Acquire, 10,000 Rupees



"10,000 Rupees collected"

— In-Game Description[1]

The Rupee Ring is a Magical Ring that Link acquires in both Oracle of Seasons or Oracle of Ages.

In order to acquire this Magic Ring, Link needs to acquire 10,000 Rupees. Naturally, this ring is best acquired late in Link's journey as it takes quite some time to collect this many Rupees. Even though Link's Wallet only holds 999 Rupees, additional Rupees that Link collects after having a filled wallet still go towards the 10,000 total Rupees.

The best way to speed up the process of collecting 10,000 Rupees is to wear either the Red Joy Ring or the Gold Joy Ring. The Red Joy Ring increases the amount of Rupees that enemies drop, while the Gold Joy Ring doubles the value of all Rupees dropped by enemies.

After collecting 10,000 Rupees, return to Vasu and he awards Link with this ring.

When worn, the Rupee Ring has no effect at all. The purpose of this ring is simply to recognize that Link has collected at least 10,000 Rupees.