Blue Joy Ring

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Blue Joy Ring







Double the Recovery Hearts collected.

"Beasts drop double Hearts"

— In-Game Description[1]

The Blue Joy Ring is a Magical Ring that Link acquires in a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages. The ring can only be collected in Oracle of Seasons through the Ring Secret.

In Oracle of Seasons, the Blue Joy Ring can be acquired during a Linked Game. Princess Zelda gives Link a Seed Ring after he saves her from the Great Moblin.

The Blue Joy Ring can also be acquired in a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages. After completing the Moonlit Grotto, enter the Black Tower where Link finds find an enemy Vire that is holding the captive Princess Zelda. Link first needs to climb up the various levels of the Black Tower, avoiding Fireballs as he make his way upwards. Once Link reaches the top and defeats Vire, Princess Zelda rewards him with the Seed Ring.

When equipped, the Blue Joy Ring doubles the value of every Recovery Heart that is collected. This ring is valuable if Link has a more reckless style of play and always needs additional Recovery Hearts. However, there are other good defensive rings, such as the Blue Ring or the Armor Ring L-1.

There are similar rings in form of the Red Joy Ring that effects Rupees and the Green Joy Ring, which effects Ore Chunks. However, all these Rings become obsolete in comparison to the Gold Joy Ring, which carries all the attributes of the Red, Blue, and Green Joy Rings, plus more.