Energy Ring

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Energy Ring






Gasha Seed, Defeat enemies to encounter Maple.


Replaces Link's Spin Attack with a Sword Beam.

"Beam replaces Spin Attack"

— In-Game Description.[1]

The Energy Ring is a Magical Ring that Link can obtain in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Link can acquire the ring by planting a Gasha Seed and finding it within a Gasha Nut. He can also acquire it in a Seed Ring form by bumping into Maple. The ring can also be obtained through a Fortune Link at Vasu's jewelry store.

When equipped, the Energy Ring causes Link's Spin Attack to be replaced by his Sword Beam attack when he charges his sword. This ring has practical use if Link is trying to hit enemies from a distance, whether that be due to the type of enemy he is encountering, or if he is just trying to play defensive. However, considering a standard spin attack does more damage than a sword beam attack, this is not considered to be a very useful ring.