Snowshoe Ring

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Snowshoe Ring






Linked Game with Oracle of Seasons


Prevent Link from sliding on ice.

"No sliding on ice"

— In-Game Description[1]

The Snowshoe Ring is a Magical Ring that Link acquires in a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages. The ring can only be collected in Oracle of Seasons through the Ring Secret.

In order to acquire this Magical Ring, Link must complete the Mamamu Secret. During a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons, Mamamu Yan's Mother appears in Spool Swamp. She can be found within the Floodgate Keeper's House, located two screens east of Poison Moth's Lair, the third dungeon in the game. Jot down the secret that Mamamu Yan's Mother tells.

Give that secret to Farore within the Maku Tree of Oracle of Ages. Link cannot complete Mamamu Yan's quest until after he has done part of the Trading Sequence. Link needs to get the Doggie Mask from the Happy Mask Salesman. Give that Doggie Mask to Mamamu Yan and she gives Link the Dumbbell. Leave her house and re-enter to continue on in the quest. Tell her mother's secret to her. Once she finds out her mother is in Holodrum, she asks Link to find her Dog.

Mamamu's Dog can be found either in Lynna City or in one of the surrounding areas. It is random as to where the Dog appears. If Link spots the dog and then leaves the screen, the dog then appears elsewhere. Once Link spots the dog, walk on over and lift it up using the Power Bracelet. Link is automatically taken back to Mamamu Yan's House where Mamamu Yan gives Link a Seed Ring. Once appraised, this becomes the Snowshoe Ring.

When equipped, Link is able to walk on ice without sliding, just as if it was regular land. This ring is particularly useful within dungeons that have rooms with a lot of ice.