Light Ring L-2

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Light Ring L-2





After winning the Shooting Gallery game
Ring Secret



Make Sword Beams when missing three hearts

"Sword beams at -3 Hearts"

— In-Game Description[1]

The Light Ring L-2 is a Magical Ring that Link acquires in Oracle of Ages. There is no possible way to acquire the ring in Oracle of Seasons directly, but it can be acquired through a Linked Game by using the Ring Secret.

In Oracle of Ages, Link can acquire the ring by winning the Lynna Village Shooting Gallery. Link needs to score at least 350 points to earn a Seed Ring. There are several Seed Rings that Link can win for scoring more than 350 points, with the Light Ring L-2 being one of them. The Light Ring L-2 is considerably more rare than any of the other rings that Link can earn from the Shooting Gallery. Of all rings that Link acquires from the Shooting Gallery, there is less than a 5% chance that the appraised ring will be the Light Ring L-2.

When equipped, the Light Ring L-2 is exactly the same as the Light Ring L-1, except it allows Link to shoot Sword Beams if he is missing three hearts. Link needs to have the Noble Sword or Master Sword to use this Ring.