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Linked Game
The Secret Code Interface



The Linked Game is a feature from Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages which allows the player to unlock additional content in the second game played. After completing either game for the first time, the player will receive a password called the Secret to Labrynna/Holodrum, depending on the game played. This secret can be input into the other game to play the Linked Game.

Exclusive content is available in the Linked Game, and will vary depending on which game is played second, though a new plot is in place regardless of the order. This plot revolves around Twinrova, and their desire to resurrect Ganon.

After completing the Linked Game, the player will receive a Hero's Secret, which can be input on the same game to play once more, but with the omission of the altered plot. If the player wishes to complete both games to 100% status, both games must be completed with a Hero's Secret.


Rescuing Zelda in Oracle of Ages

There are myriad minor changes in a Linked Game, some exclusive to either game, while others are consistent. Changes in both Linked Games include carrying over the Companion used in the first game, starting with 4 Heart Containers, and the introduction of a challenging mini-dungeon in the form of the Hero's Cave. Certain characters appear in Linked Games, such as Queen Ambi in Oracle of Seasons and Rosa in Oracle of Ages. Many characters will also recognize Link from the land of which he came, such as Bipin and Blossom, as well as their child appearing as an adult later in the game. Additionally, Maple will ride a flying saucer instead of her broomstick after enough encounters have been made.

There are a few plot additions present in either game, including rescuing Princess Zelda from Vire in the Black Tower in Oracle of Ages. In Oracle of Seasons the Great Moblin will kidnap Zelda instead.


Main article: Linked Game Secret

A key function of the Linked Game are the secrets; they allow for many new items to be obtained, as well as upgrades for older items. These secrets unlock some of the best items and upgrades in the games, including the Biggoron's Sword, the L-3 Master Sword and Mirror Shield, Bombchus, and more. To discover a secret, once playing the second game of a Linked Game, various characters will give Link secrets, asking him to tell them to different people in the other game. Once the secret has been claimed in the other game, a second secret is received, which can be shown to Farore in the Hall of Secrets inside the Maku Tree to claim the item in the first game.

Transferring Rings

Rings can be transferred by speaking with the Snakes in Vasu's Ring Shop in either Horon Village or Lynna City. A secret can be obtained in either game, and later input into the other, to transfer the rings from game to game. This can be done multiple times, and is most useful when transferring rings exclusive to either game. This can be done an indefinite amount of times, and there is no downside; i.e. Rings will not be overwritten if one file does not have a Ring that the other does.

The transfer of Rings is essential to 100% completion of the games, as there are many version-exclusive Rings. Rings can also be transferred to a file started with the Hero's Secret.