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Pop Star[1]



In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ウララ (Urara)
France Française Rosa
Spain Español Rosa
Germany Deutsch Rosa
Italy Italiana Rosa

Rosa is a Subrosian first met in Oracle of Seasons and later in a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages. Being one of the few known female Subrosians that Link encounters, she wears an orange cloak along with a Ribbon. She also wears a necklace that has a key tied to it. Rosa is a well-known celebrity in Subrosia because of her work as a pop star.[2][1] She is also considered very attractive among the Subrosians.[3][4][5] Due to this, many will express shock or jealousy if Link talks to them while travelling with Rosa.[6][7]

Oracle of Seasons

Link first encounters Rosa in the Woods of Winter after finishing the Gnarled Root Dungeon.[8][9] As Link begins his search for the item that held the powers of the Season Spirits, he stumbles across Rosa shouting about the Temple of Seasons falling into Subrosia, asking what a temple is soon after. As a result of Subrosia being a secret place, she must return to it without being seen.[10][11] When Link follows her throughout the area, he cannot be seen by Rosa, or she will know someone is following her and flee, making Link start over. Once Link has followed Rosa without being seen, she goes into Eyeglass Lake where he can see her disappear into a bush. Link can then slash the bush to reveal the first Subrosian Portal.[12][13]

While Link is later searching for the Tower of Summer to let the Spirit of Summer bless the Rod of Seasons, he meets Rosa again at Subrosia Seaside. Rosa has recently lost her favorite ribbon when it floated out to sea.[14][15] She wants to explore the temple, but due to losing her ribbon, she can not go out in public since of her appearance.[16] Once Link purchases a ribbon from the Subrosia Market by paying with a Star-Shaped Ore,[17] he gives Rosa the new ribbon.[18][19] Out of gratitude, Rosa goes on a "date" with Link, allowing him to unlock any locked doors throughout Subrosia with her key, also including the Tower of Summer in the Temple of Seasons.[20][21][22][23] While Rosa will be with Link throughout Subrosia, she does not continue to travel with him if he warps to Holodrum. Once Link receives the Spirit of Summer's blessing and returns to Subrosia Seaside, Rosa remarks how she had fun with Link and then leaves him.[24] Afterwards, Link can ask to go on a date with her any time throughout his journey to save Holodrum.[25]

Based on many dialogue between Rosa and other Subrosians, one can speculate that Rosa might have feelings for Link after giving her the ribbon.[26][27] However, she might be still grateful for what Link has done for her.

Oracle of Ages

After Link has completed his adventure in Holodrum, he encounters Rosa in the Past shortly after arriving at Crescent Island in Labrynna. After Link gets his items stolen by the Tokay, he can hear someone screaming in the distance.[28] A Tokay comes running into the screen afterwards and asks loudly for someone to leave them alone, protesting that they do not know whose Shovel that is.[29] After the Tokay leaves, Link can head south to find Rosa near his Shovel. Rosa asks him if he remembers her, but he does not remember her or their date in Subrosia, making her annoyed. She explains her time out of Subrosia is her first long trip in a very long time and how she saw the Tokay Link previously met with the Shovel. As a result of seeing the Shovel before, Rosa asked the Tokay if he knew Link but ran off afterwards.[30]

She proceeds to pick up the Shovel, asks Link if that is his, and gives him advice about if he leaves it on the beach it will go out to sea.[31] She then returns the Shovel to Link.[32] If Link talks to Rosa again, she informs Link that the theme of her trip is "the independent woman," making him wait until a later time for another date.[33]

Later in the game, Link can find Rosa in the Goron Dance Hall in the Present.[34] When Link talks to her, she greets Link and explains that the Goron Dance is very popular in the Rolling Ridge region, but she thinks the Subrosian Dance is cooler than the Goron Dance and that the Gorons have a ways to go for their dance.[35]



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