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Captain of the Piratians



Member of

Queen Ambi (love interest)




The Captain has no known name, other than his title as Cap'n of the group of pirates known as the Piratians. It is revealed that the Captain was actually the lost love of Queen Ambi, who she was trying to find by building the Black Tower in the Past. Apparently, the Captain and his crew have somehow became a group of living skeletons since then.

The Captain and his band of pirates are found stuck in the Sea of No Return. With a mass of whirlpools blocking the way, the Captain's ship is unable to sail out of this area. It is only until Link gives the Captain the Zora Scale that he and his crew are able to escape. Afterwards, the Captain states that he is off to the land of Holodrum. However, if Link has already been to Holodrum (thus already meeting the Piratians there), the Captain simply sails away to parts unknown.