Goron Elder (Oracle of Ages)

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Goron Elder







The Goron Elder is the leader of the Gorons living within Rolling Ridge, located in north-eastern Labrynna. After completing the Skull Dungeon and obtaining the Switch Hook, Link can gain access to Rolling Ridge in the Past. However, he immediately runs into another problem once he arrives. The Elder has been trapped under a huge rock, which is also blocking the way to the rest of Rolling Ridge.


Link must go to the Present-day Rolling Ridge and scale the mountain until he reaches the Great Moblin's Keep. There, he finds that the Great Moblin and his minions are keeping the Gorons from growing Bomb Flowers and are producing their own home-made bombs, attempting to run the Gorons out of business. After destroying the Keep, Link runs the Great Moblin out of Labrynna and returns the Bomb Flowers to the Gorons, one of which is given to Link as a reward. With it, Link can return to the Past-age of Rolling Ridge and blow up the rock which has fallen on the Elder. The Elder acts surprised and even laugh at the fact that the Gorons believed a rock that size could harm him. He then gives Link the Crown Key for his troubles, which he can use to access the fifth dungeon, the Crown Dungeon, located within the peaks of Present-day Rolling Ridge.

Once Link travels to the Present, the rock has been destroyed and the Gorons already tell of a hero who saved the Elder long ago, even before Link returns to blow up the rock.