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Piratians is the name given to the group of skeletal pirates that appear in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

Oracle of Seasons

The Piratians are the main part in the story of Oracle of Seasons, as they allow Link to access the seventh dungeon in the game, Explorer's Crypt. However, they only take Link to this location after he finds the Pirate's Bell, gets it polished, and returns it.

Oracle of Ages

Piratian Sprite from Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

Piratians is the name given to the group of living skeletal pirates who become trapped on their ship within the Sea of Storms. Along with their Captain, who was actually the long lost love of Queen Ambi, and who she is actually building the Black Tower to search for, the Piratians are apparently long dead, but have somehow been able to stay alive as skeletons and retain their old personalities.

After obtaining the Zora Scale, Link is able to board the Piratians' Ship.