Sea of Storms

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Sea of Storms
Sea of Storms in the Present



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The Sea of Storms is a location found within the Past and Present of Oracle of Ages.


The Sea of Storms is located at the south end of Labrynna, just west of Crescent Island and east of the Zora Seas. The Sea of Storms is located just south of South Shore, and it is also just south of Crescent Strait in the Past. Due to the receding of the sea and the expansion of land throughout Labrynna, the amount of area that the Sea of Storms covers has decreased from Past to Present due to the expansion of the South Shore. However, the visible landscape has changed within the Sea of Storms in the Present, and overall there is more land that can be found above water.

The source of the water has also evolved over time. In the Past, the water comes from Rolling Ridge, passing through the Coast of No Return, the Sea of No Return, and then flowing into the Crescent Strait and Sea of Storms. However, in the Present, this water pathway has been drained by the expansion of land that makes up the Forest of Time and Yoll Graveyard. The water flow now originates up north at the Nuun Highlands. It flows through Lynna City, South Lynna, South Shore and into the Sea of Storms.


The Sea of Storms gets its name from its deep, treacherous waters. Link will first be able to reach the Sea of Storms while riding on Dimitri, but he can only ride along the exterior area of the region. Later on in the quest after Link acquires the Mermaid Suit, he will be able to swim along the exterior areas.

The interior area is surrounded entirely by Whirlpools both above water and underwater, making it impossible to reach the interior for much of the game. There is only one location at the southwest corner of the Sea where Link can reach the interior of the Sea of Storms. However, this area is only accessible in the Past and it is protected underwater by a Zora by the order of King Zora. There is no entrance to the interior of the Sea of Storms from the Present.

After Link completes the seventh dungeon, Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Link is given the Zora Scale. Using this scale, Link can speak to the Zora underneath the water and he'll let Link pass. Link can then freely travel to the Sea of Storms where he will find the Pirate Ship.

Once Link boards the Pirate Ship he will encounter the Piratians and their Captain. The Piratians have been stranded within the Sea of Storms and cannot get out. After finding out that Link has the Zora Scale the Captain will ask him for it, thinking that it will calm the seas. After getting the Zora Scale, the Piratians will set sail for the land of Holodrum, the Overworld found within Oracle of Seasons.

In exchange for the Zora Scale the Captain will give Link the Tokay Eyeball. This Eyeball is used over at Crescent Island to find a secret underground cave that leads to the Sea of No Return.

At the bottom of the sea within the Sea of Storms there is an underground cave with a Treasure Chest inside. When opened, Link will discover a Seed Ring. When Link gets this ring appraised it will become the Pegasus Ring.

Linked Game

If Link is playing a normal playthrough of Oracle of Ages there is no way to enter the Sea of Storms in the Present. However, if Link is playing a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages having already beaten Oracle of Seasons, then Link can enter the Sea of Storms in the present. This time a Zora blocks the entrance via the south end of the Sea of Storms. The Piratians can be found within the Sea of Storms in the present. After giving the Captain the Zora Scale they will sale off heading to further explore the sea.

In a linked game, the opposite is true of the Sea of Storms where Link is unable to enter the Sea of Storms in the Past. The normal entrance where the Zora previously was is now blocked off by a Whirlpool.

A similar underwater cave can be found in the Present of the Sea of Storms. Despite the fact that the underwater cave is in a different location, the interior is identical. The Treasure Chest inside still contains a Seed Ring that will become the Pegasus Ring when appraised.