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Holodrum is the setting of Oracle of Seasons. It is a mystical land filled with interesting characters - above and below ground. It is home to Din, the Oracle of Seasons and is guarded by the Maku Tree. Its vast landscape varies greatly, from the lush fields of North Horon to the barren surrounding of Samasa Desert.

There is also a strange secret to Holodrum. Beneath its surface, is the subterrainian land of Subrosia, which is populated by hooded people known as Subrosians. They have an immunity to heat and enjoy taking soothing baths in the molten lava which surrounds them after a hard day dancing. No one, except Link, the Maku Tree, and a travelling physic, know this place exists.



Major Characters

When linked to Oracle of Ages, a number of other characters are added. Namely, these would be:

Although only for a few brief seconds, Nayru also makes an appearance.

Other Important Characters