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Overworld map of Holodrum




Holodrum is the setting of Oracle of Seasons. Located in the same realm as Hyrule and Labrynna, Holodrum is unique in that its environment cycles through the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Said cycle is maintained by the Oracle of Seasons and the season spirits at their temple. Holodrum is home to a variety of characters and locations, and is protected by a guardian spirit known as the Maku Tree. In a subterranean realm beneath Holodrum exists the volcanic world of Subrosia, and the two worlds are connected by a series of portals across both landscapes.

During the events of the game, Holodrum is thrown into chaos due to the actions of Onox, General of Darkness, who has captured Din, the Oracle of Seasons, in order to wreak havoc and destruction upon the land and its inhabitants.


Holodrum is made up of many different environments and is bordered at one edge by a great ocean. On its southern shore, sandwiched between the Eastern and Western Coasts is Horon Village, one of the country's two human settlements. The land's central region is dominated by North Horon and the Holodrum Plain, which are divided by a large lake. To the west lies Spool Swamp and the Tarm Ruins, and to the east are the Woods of Winter. The northern border of the country is composed of a trio of mountain ranges: Mt. Cucco, Goron Mountain, and the Northern Peak, the location of the Temple of Seasons. Other notable landmarks include Sunken City, which lies in the southern shadow of Mt. Cucco, as well as the Cemetery and Samasa Desert, which are accessed from the Western and Eastern Coast, respectively.

At the time of Link's visit to Holodrum, certain parts of the land are in disarray owing to the imprisonment of the Oracle of Seasons. For example, Sunken City becomes flooded with meltwater from the mountains to the north, and the Temple of Seasons has been sunk deep beneath the earth, leaving only derelict ruins on the surface. Link is further able to manipulate the environments he explores using the Rod of Seasons, which contains some of Din's powers and can alter the current season of the surrounding area, with various different results:

  • In Spring, flowers bloom that are rock-hard in other seasons, allowing Link to clear them away with his sword. He can also use Blast Blooms to reach higher elevations.
  • In Summer, rivers and lakes dry up in the hot sun, exposing hidden caves and other secrets, and impassable cliffs are covered with vines for climbing.
  • In Autumn, fallen leaves provide passage over pits and mushrooms can be picked and tossed aside.
  • In Winter, snowdrifts create paths to new areas, waters freeze over to allow travel across them, and some trees lose their leaves, creating space to slip by them.

As noted, Holodrum is connected via a network of portrals to the underground world known as Subrosia. Of note is that these portals are not geographically synced — for example, two that are very near each other in Subrosia can connect to opposite edges of Holodrum's overworld, and vice versa. It is also possible for the two worlds to interact geographically with each other. This is shown when the sunken Temple of Seasons ends up landing at the eastern edge of Subrosia, and when an eruption of the Subrosian volcanoes at one point causes damage to the temple's ruins in Holodrum.

One area of Holodrum of particular interest is the Natzu region, which lies between the country's northern mountains and central plains. The Natzu region is unique in that its exact geography changes depending on which animal companion accompanies Link in his adventure. For Ricky, a kangaroo and the game's default companion, Natzu takes the form of a prairie with many cliffs and potholes; for Moosh, a winged bear, Natzu appears as a wasteland riddled with pits for him to glide over; and for Dimitri, an aquatic Dodongo, Natzu becomes a great river for him to swim through.


As described above, Holodrum's population is largely split between the human settlements of Horon Village and Sunken City, as well as the eponymous Gorons of Goron Mountain. Other inhabitants include Deku Scrubs who inhabit various caves, some of whom are quite business-minded and will offer to sell Link various wares. Below ground, Subrosia is occupied by diminutive, hooded beings who share their own distinct culture, certain customs of which include bathing in and consuming lava for nourishment and the use of Ore Chunks, rather than Rupees, as currency.

Certain characters occupy very remote homes and hermitages across the world of Holodrum, such as Holly in the Woods of Winter, Mrs. Ruul at her villa in Holodrum Plain, and the Floodgate Keeper who inhabits Spool Swamp. There are also several mysterious Old Men whose caves of residency Link can stumble upon while exploring. Some of these figures will reward him a sum of Rupees for finding them, but others demand compensation for repairing damages done in the process.

Unlike Hyrule with its royal family, Holodrum does not appear to have a unifying body of government, apart from the guardianship of Din and the Maku Tree. The Gorons lack an identified patriarch or elder, as they have had in other games, and the only secular form of government seen is handled by Mayor Ruul, who presides over Horon Village.


The range of enemies native to Holodrum are strikingly similar to those found in Hyrule, with most weaker varieties (Octoroks, Peahats, Buzz Blobs, Moblins, etc.) straying close occupied areas while others, such as Darknuts and Lynels occupy the remote reaches of the northern peaks.

Among these enemies exist four Golden Beasts of note — an Octorok, Moblin, Darknut, and Lynel. These monsters of a distinct golden sheen only appear during certain seasons in different parts of the land. They all have exceptionally high HP, and are kept track of by an Old Man who resides in North Horon. For locating and defeating these monsters, the Old Man rewards Link with a ring that increases his attack power when worn.


  • Oracle of Seasons was originally intended to be a remake of the first The Legend of Zelda for the NES. Even after intentions shifted during development, there remain many geographic similarities between Holodrum and the overworld of the first game: a southern coastline, western cemetery, northern mountains, a forest to the east, and a central lake with an island that houses the first dungeon.
  • It can be seen on the map that Samasa Desert extends some distance east of the land of Holodrum. Given the southwestern location typical of Hyrule's deserts, including Gerudo Desert and the Desert of Mystery, it is possible that the two deserts eventually extend out and meet each other, and that Holodrum is located somewhere to the west of Hyrule.