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This article is about world maps. For maps of dungeons, see Dungeon Map.
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Maps play a major role in guiding Link through Hyrule and beyond.

The Legend of Zelda


A mini-map is visible in the top-left corner of the screen at all times. In the overworld, this is a simple grey box with a dot identifying Link's position.

A Link to the Past

Light and Dark World maps - LTTP.png

The full Light World map is available to Link from the start of the game. While in the Dark World, it is replaced with the map of that world, also in full.

Once the Flute is obtained and the flying bird is awakened; playing the flute in the Light World will offer eight points on the map which it will take you to.

Link's Awakening

Link's Awakening (Game Boy)/DX

Link's Awakening DX

The Select button map is unlocked screen-by-screen as Link visits them, as explained by the Auto Map and Memo Guide Book book in the Library; although a full version is available in the Library's Atlas of Koholint Island, to view on any visit.

Link's Awakening (Switch)

The map in the 2019 remake of Link's Awakening works somewhat differently - rather than being unlocked one screen at a time, it is unlocked in much larger areas as Link enters them, similar to Ocarina of Time. More options are also available, including multiple zoom levels, and using it to select a place to warp to when touching a warp point (which replace the Warp Holes of the original) or playing Manbo's Mambo. 
Link's Awakening Switch interactive map:

Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time (N64)

Map - OOT64.png

The pause-screen map is unlocked area-by-area. At the start of the game, only Kokiri Forest is visible, and the rest must be unlocked by visiting those areas. A mini-map showing Link's position in the current room or area is always available in the bottom-right of the screen, except in areas which require a dungeon map and compass that have not yet been obtained. This can be turned off with the L button.

Ocarina of Time 3D

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Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask (N64)

Map - MM64.png

The map of each individual area of Termina must be purchased from Tingle. Until this is done, the area will not show up as either a mini-map, or as part of the pause screen map.

On playing the Song of Soaring, each unlocked Owl Statue will appear on the map as it stands as a place where Link can warp to.

Majora's Mask 3D

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The Wind Waker

Sea Chart.png
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The Minish Cap

Map showing Wind Crests.
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Main article: Map of Hyrule

Twilight Princess

GameCube version

As with earlier Zelda titles, the map object is split into a mini-map, viewable on screen at most times, and a full-screen map which can be viewed while gameplay is stopped.

With the latter, a "parchment-style" map of Ordona Province, and most of Hyrule - Faron Province, Eldin Province and Lanayru Province - is available from the start of the game, while Peak Province and Desert Province are added to this layer once each are visited. This forms the smallest-scale zoom level in its entirety, and the under-layer for closer zoom levels.

At the second and third levels of zoom, focusing on individual provinces, this is overlaid with green areas (blue for water) representing areas which Link has visited. The mini-map uses these overlays as its basis.

Twilight Portals for warping can be shown on the map, but can only be shown at the world and full-province levels, and only selected to warp to at the latter. If the player attempts to show them at the closest zoom level, the game will revert to the full-province zoom level.

While in dungeons, the "pause" world map is replaced with the relevant Dungeon Map.

Twilight Princess HD in standard mode and the Nintendo GameCube version of the game have the map with Peak and Gerudo Provinces on the western side; but the Wii version had the entire map flipped west-east to allow Link to be right-handed, and Twilight Princess HD uses this orientation for Hero Mode.

Phantom Hourglass

The complete Sea Chart for Phantom Hourglass, with Golden Frog icons overlaid to highlight them.
Main article: Sea Chart § Phantom Hourglass
See also: Phantom Hourglass Treasure Maps

The world map for Phantom Hourglass comes in the form of Sea Charts which must be retrieved from the Temple of the Ocean King before the areas can be sailed to. In addition, island maps appear on the top screen when the islands are visited. Both can be annoated by temporarily switching them to the Nintendo DS touch screen and drawing on them.

Spirit Tracks

The complete Rail Map
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Main article: Rail Map

Skyward Sword

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See also: Ancient Sea Chart

A Link Between Worlds

Map Screen - ALBW.png

In a reverse of the DS games, the map is on the touch screen in A Link Between Worlds, while gameplay is on the top screen.

The entirety of Hyrule is visible from the start, while Lorule is also viewable in full once entered. The current world is visible by default (except in areas with a dungeon map), while a button in the lower-right allows the player to view the opposite world while it is held. Fissures which have already been utilised also appear on the map by default.

There are three buttons to the left of the map - the magnifying glass icon allows switching between the whole of Hyrule/Lorule and a closer view. Below this is an icon showing a Maiamai, which divides the map into regions, showing how many undiscovered Maiamai remain in each. Finally, there is a pin icon, which allows marking up to twenty locations of interest per world.

Additionally, once acquired, a Bell icon appears in the bottom left of the touch screen. This calls Irene or her broom, and allows any activated Weather Vane to be selected on the map and travelled to instantly.

Breath of the Wild

Map - BOTW.jpg
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Main article: Sheikah Slate § Map
See also: Zelda Dungeon:Breath of the Wild Map

The map of Hyrule is unlocked region-by-region by visiting the Sheikah Tower for each region and downloading the map into the Sheikah Slate from the Guidance Stone atop it.

Activated Towers, as well as Shrines and Tech Labs, are marked on the map as warp points called Travel Gates.