Guidance Stone

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Guidance Stone
Guidance Stone and terminal atop a Sheikah Tower



Greater Hyrule


Interacting with the Sheikah Slate


A Guidance Stone is an ancient Sheikah device which interfaces with the Sheikah Slate in Breath of the Wild. Various uses of the Guidance Stones in Hyrule include activating hidden Runes within the Sheikah Slate and adding province maps to the Sheikah Slate.

Breath of the Wild

Great Plateau Shrines

Active Guidance Stone in a Great Plateau Shrine

Each of the first four Shrines Link must complete to advance beyond the Great Plateau contains a Guidance Stone. Each unlocks one of the four fundamental runes of Link's Sheikah Slate - Magnesis, Stasis, Cryonis and Remote Bombs. Each of these Guidance Stones is active as soon as Link encounters it.

Sheikah Towers

Atop each Sheikah Tower a Guidance Stone may be found, which when activated scans the nearby province for terrain data and adds it to Link's map. Each of these Guidance Stones is active as soon as Link encounters it.

Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

Within the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, found in the far east portion of Hateno Village, a Guidance Stone is found. The stone was originally located within Hyrule Castle before it was moved to its present location.[1] The stone may be used with Purah's aid to unlock and upgrade additional runes of Link's Sheikah Slate. This Guidance Stone's furnace must be activated with a Blue Flame before it can be used.

The removal of this stone from Hyrule Castle is implied to have deprived the castle of its Travel Gate.

Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

A Guidance Stone is found inside the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in northeast Akkala, however it was converted into a robot by Robbie, whom he calls Cherry. With the proper materials (and a "donation" of funds to the lab), Cherry is able to produce a variety of ancient arms and armors for Link. This Guidance Stone must be activated with a Blue Flame before it can be used.

Divine Beasts

There are two guidance stones on each Divine Beast. The first stone Link encounters is at the entrance - and registers the Divine Beast as a travel gate. The second provides Link with a map of the Divine Beast.

Age of Calamity

The third tier of Zelda's Sheikah Slate augmentations, the Ancient Overclock Unit, is a device which uses a miniature Guidance Stone to greatly empower the capacities of the Sheikah Slate. It far outshines the Ancient Memory Part and Ancient Power Boost, hinting at the grand latent power of Guidance Stones.


  1. "The Guidance Stone at my lab is the same one we first brought over from Hyrule Castle." — Purah, Breath of the Wild