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Stasis Rune




Stop the flow of time for an object

Stasis is a Rune ability for the Sheikah Slate found in Breath of the Wild. It allows one to temporarily freeze an object in place, and hit it to store kinetic energy that instantly affects the object when the stasis ends.

Breath of the Wild

The Stasis Rune is obtained in the Owa Daim Shrine while exploring the Great Plateau. It allows Link to freeze objects in time, rendering them immobile for a short period of time. While suspended in time, the object will possess a glowing, yellow filter. Chains will also appear when the object is initially suspended to keep it in place; however, these disappear after a short time. After the Stasis effect wears off, the object will revert to normal and move as it was before being frozen.

Stasis can be used to freeze dangerous objects such as boulders in pass, which will allow Link to bypass them or use them to block further obstacles. After using the Rune, a timer gauge will appear which must be restored before Link can use the ability again.

While suspended, objects will store any additional kinetic energy that is added to them. Link can attack the object with a weapon to added kinetic energy; this will cause the object to suddenly shoot off when time resumes. A yellow arrow will appear after an object is struck to indicate the direction it will move in.

Stasis can be used passively to identify objects Link can interact with, as they glow yellow when Stasis is on. This can be further used to identify dormant Decayed Guardians and Guardian Stalkers once the rune has been upgraded to Stasis+.

The function of Stasis can be cancelled before the time gauge runs out by pointing back at the object and following the prompt, all in order to be able to reduce the cool down time and use the rune on other objects.


This Rune can be upgraded as part of the Slated for Upgrades quest. If Link visits the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and gives three Ancient Cores to Purah[1], she will allow Link to use the Guidance Stone in order to upgrade to Stasis+, which has the ability to time-stop enemies.[2]


  1. "You'll need three ancient cores to power up Stasis." — Purah, Breath of the Wild
  2. "This powered-up Stasis rune can now time-stop evil creatures. Stopped objects store kinetic energy. The stored energy will act upon the object when the flow of time resumes. Making good use of the stored energy can move even the largest of objects." — Sheikah Slate prompt, Breath of the Wild