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Link using Magnesis to move a Metallic Plate




Move metallic objects

"Manipulate metallic objects using magnetism. Grab on to metallic objects using the magnetic energy that pours forth from the Magnesis rune. Objects held in the magnetic snare can be lifted up and moved freely."

Magnesis is a Rune ability for the Sheikah Slate, obtained in Breath of the Wild. It enables Link to lift, carry, and manipulate metal objects.

Location and uses

The Magnesis Rune is unlocked using the Guidance Stone in the Oman Au Shrine. When using it, a bright pink overlay covers the environment, with all metal objects in the vicinity being highlighted in magenta. If an applicable object is within range and being aimed at, it will turn yellow and can be targeted. Pressing A to use the Rune will have Link form a holographic magnet around the Sheikah Slate and fire a magnetic snare from it, which will attach to the targeted object and enable him to carry it freely.

Link can freely manipulate the magnetized object, either by moving it through the air, dropping it, or pushing/pulling it: Applicable objects include metal equipment, Boxes, doors, plates, or Treasure Chests. This can be used offensively, by dropping heavy objects on top of enemies to damage them, or to solve puzzles and reach new areas. However, Link is limited to a light trot while manipulating an object, and if he begins to run or loses safe footing, he will automatically disengage the snare and drop the object. Additionally, Magnesis cannot grab mobile objects or be upgraded at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Spin-off appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Magnesis is unlocked alongside Stasis after clearing Road to the Ancient Lab, and can be used by any warrior. When used, it involves grabbing all metallic objects within the vicinity; This includes both metal weapons wielded by enemies, and nearby Metal Boxes. The grabbed metal objects will then be utilized for an offensive technique that differs depending on the warrior being used. Once used in this manner, the player's Runes go on cooldown for a short time, although if no metal objects are available to grab, there is no cooldown. Magnesis is also required to unearth buried Treasure Chests found in certain battles.

Magnesis can be used to counter enemies throwing metallic weapons. As the enemy is winding up to throw their weapon, a large Magnesis icon will appear in front of them as a counter prompt: If Magnesis is used quickly enough, the warrior will catch the thrown weapon and throw it back at the enemy, dealing damage and exposing their Weak Point Gauge.


  • One of the most comedic uses for Magnesis is to create "Flying Machines", which require two relatively flat metallic surfaces to be placed on top of each other while Link uses Magnesis on the bottom one to lift it while standing on the top one. This requires careful commands, as brusque movements may cause the contraption to break apart. While using it, Link can travel anywhere on Hyrule or fly to unfathomable heights in the sky, but extremely slowly. These contraptions can be created using the metallic mining carts at Death Mountain, or the metallic scoop and chest at the Yowaka Ita Shrine.