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Boxes can be found in a myriad of Zelda Games, including Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. They are similar to Jars and Barrels, as Link can smash both to get small goodies such as Rupees.


Boxes are not as typically widespread as Jars, but they are found in some buildings and homes. Link can smash, or break boxes and crates to get small, random goodies such as Rupees, Recovery Hearts, Bombs, and Arrows.


Boxes look very similar, if not the same, in every game. They are brown or tan, cube-shaped, and have some sort of marking on them; usually an 'X' shape or a cross.

Breaking Boxes

Boxes can be broken in a variety of ways, such as throwing them against a wall, using a Bomb, or setting them alight. Sword strikes, Slingshot pellets, and Arrows are not typically effective in breaking a box.