15.1 New Armor

The Champions’ Ballad DLC included the addition of many new pieces of armor that are listed below. You can click each individual piece of armor to visit the corresponding wiki page, which gives a detailed description, as well as information about how to acquire it. You can also search for all the armor pieces using the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.

15.2 The Great Plateau

To begin the quest, return to where it all started: the Shrine of Resurrection. After arriving, put the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal slate to trigger a scene. Link will acquire the One-Hit Obliterator. As its name suggests, it will defeat any enemy with a single hit. The caveat is that it will reduce Link’s health to just a quarter heart, causing Link to die by just a single hit as well. Furthermore, Link can only attack with the One-Hit Obliterator twice in a short period of time before the weapon loses its power. At that point, Link will need to wait a few moments for it to recharge.

Yowaka Ita Shrine

To reveal the Yowaka Ita Shrine you must head to the pinpoint located north of the exit to the Shrine of Resurrection. Located nearby is a camp of bokoblins, ranging in strength from the weakest ones to the strongest in the game. All bokoblins must be defeated in order to reveal the shrine. This is easily done by walking around using stealth and by attacking enemies from a distance with arrows, particularly with shock arrows. This avoids a one hit kill to Link, and it also prevents the bokoblins from calling others nearby. There is one evasive bokoblin on top of the log, and another more powerful one on top of a large tree. This powerful bokoblin can be easily taken out with the One-Hit Obliterator. After defeating all bokoblins, the shrine will rise from the ground a few feet away.

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Rohta Chigah Shrine

To reveal the Rohta Chigah Shrine you must head to the pinpoint located northeast of the exit to the Shrine of Resurrection. This area is filled with Lizalfos, many of which are powerful enemies. These enemies are likely best taken from a distance with arrows, as getting close to them will require a fight with many at once. Bomb Arrows work well in this situation to attack from a distance and do heavy amounts of damage. Remember, the One-Hit Obliterator only gives two hits before it needs to recharge. Watch out for the stand still Guardian located nearby as well. After defeating all of the lizalfos, the shrine will rise from the ground a few feet away.

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Ruvo Korbah Shrine

The Ruvo Korbah Shrine can be reached by heading southeast from the exit to the Shrine of Resurrection. Nearby is a wide open area filled with Lizalfos, Moblins, and Bokoblins. Most of these enemies are not a significant threat – lizalfos can be attacked from a distance, the moblins are slow, and the bokoblins ride around on horses. The bokoblins can easily be killed from a distance with arrows, and any moblins or lizalfos that run up can be killed quickly with the One-Hit Obliterator. After all enemies have been defeated, the shrine will rise from the ground next to a wall nearby.

Upon entering the Etsu Korima Shrine, continue forward to begin a Major Test of Strength with a Guardian Scout II. This enemy can be a little difficult as it has significant shield protection. Flurry Rushes work well if performed, as they will cause an immediate kill with the One-Hit Obliterator. Otherwise, you can wait for a slight opening between the shields to use the same weapon, or constantly whittle down its health with arrows from a distance.

Once the guardian scout has been defeated, the gate at the far side will open. Open the chest for an item, but the Monk is nowhere to be found. Step on the switch at the top and it will lower the platform the scout appeared from. Use the paraglider to enter and reach the bottom of the area. You will need to start by taking the left pathway, as we cannot head straight since the door is locked. The pathway showcases a few more guardian scouts. The first one is the easiest, and you can move slightly towards the corner and then take it out with an arrow shot. Afterwards there is another guardian scout, who can be taken out with either the One-Hit Obliterator or more arrows.

Upon taking the path up the stairs you will find another guardian scout II, who is more difficult this time since the area for battle is much smaller. The tactics are the same as before; either use a flurry rush or sneak in a hit with the Obliterator once the shield protection disappears momentarily. Head down the nearby stairs and use the bow to take out two more easy guardian scouts; one on the floor, and another on the high platform nearby. Walk down the pathway that is to the left when coming down the stairs. Take the last pathway, and then make another left. Follow the path to reach a chest that contains a Giant Ancient Core. Walk back and this time take the ladder that is next to the stairs. Open the chest at the end to obtain the small key we needed. Jump down and open the door to enter the last area.

This area contains a few guardian scouts that vary in difficulty, with all of them attacking at once. I find the easiest way to confront this is to be aware of each guardian scout at all times and what it is doing. Start by taking out the easiest enemy with the bow first, which is the one in front of the gate on the other side of the room. Then take out both scouts to the left and right using bomb arrows, or another heavy duty arrow type. Water is on the floor in most places, so you can use cryonis to create barriers if necessary. You can also paraglide to one side and use the One-Hit Obliterator, then head to the other side later and do the same thing.

Float to one side of the room where a scout was if you have not already done so. Then quickly run up the stairs and use the nearby walls as protection. At this point you will need to take on the most difficult guardian scout on the bridge. You can perform an attack with the Obliterator immediately after it attacks with a weapon, as it is momentarily vulnerable to sword attacks. Flurry Rushes again work well to defeat the last scout on this narrow bridge. Once every enemy has been defeated, the gate will open allowing access to the monk. Enter and initiate the cutscene to obtain a Spirit Orb.

Etsu Korima Shrine

The Etsu Korima Shrine is located directly south of the exit to the Shrine of Resurrection, and can be reached by climbing the mountain on the opposite side of the river. While climbing the path up the mountain you will encounter various enemies, including Ice Keese, Moblins, Ice ChuChus, and an Ice Wizzrobe. Make your way up the path slowly, taking one enemy at a time. Use an arrow to shoot the Ice ChuChus from a distance, and make sure to be far enough away so Link is not hit by their ice explosion. Watch out for the gust of ice shot by the Ice Wizzrobe and the ice shot by the strongest Moblin as well. Once all enemies have been defeated, the shrine will rise from the ground nearby.

Upon entering the Etsu Korima Shrine, continue forward past the first set of lights and up the stairs. Here you will find a set of unmoving vertical lights, along with a set of horizontal lights. One of the horizontal lights moves up and down, making it slightly more difficult to avoid. The vertical lights are easy to dodge; just walk around them. Crouch down to avoid the first three horizontal lights and walk under them. Then, once the fourth light has gone low enough to be under the pathway or high enough to be taller than Link, quickly ran past its range.

Head into the next room where you will find a few moving pillars with spiked walls attached to them. This room is extremely easy to pass; walk to the left side to pass the first pillar, then continue to the left to pass the second pillar and find the exit nearby. The next room contains a few fire torches in a row, with many that continually switch on and off. The first one is easy; run past the two middle ones after they turn off. For the second set, the first and third turn off and on, and the second and fourth follow a similar pattern. Use either set to pass the area once they turn off. The last set is more difficult, switching on and off in a much more complicated pattern. Watch them for a little while if necessary, then run past. I find the second one the easiest to run through once it turns off.

Be cautious, as upon entering the next room three Guardian Scout I’s will immediately drop down. The first two can be taken out with the One-Hit Obliterator, and the third can be taken out with a few arrows. Hide behind a wall for a few seconds between the second and third guardian scout if necessary to avoid an attack. Begin walking up the long set of stairs further on, where the lights will turn on and Etsu Korima will appear. Initiate the scene with him to acquire a Spirit Orb.

15.3 Champion Revali

Visit Kass who is now marked on your map. He is located near the Cuho Mountain, which is north of Tabantha Tower and south of Rito Village. As Link approaches you will find a structure with three pillars. If you look closely, they are actually maps showcasing three locations within the Tabantha and Hebra regions. The locations represent three objects that you must complete in order to progress. You can visit both Teba and Kaneli in Rito Village to get some clues on what to do. If you’ve already talked to Teba after defeating Medoh, he has made his way to the Flight Range with his son.

Shoot the Flame Dragon’s Horn

Warp over to the Hebra Tower and then make your way southwest along the pathway. Just south of the Tabantha Hills towards the Tanagar Canyon there is a large area down below, but not quite all the way down into the Canyon. There is a campfire here along with a Rito named Mazli. If you talk to him you will find that the dragon Dinraal has been appearing at nighttime, and specifically that you must hit his horn while it is shining.

Walk over to the campfire and wait until nighttime. Now wait until after midnight and you will see Dinraal approaching from the north. At exactly 1am, Dinraal’s horn will begin to shine bright. Wait for him to get a little closer and then paraglide right up to the dragon. Take aim and shoot the horn. Successfully doing so will cause the Shira Gomar Shrine to appear, just southeast of the Tanagar Canyon.

Shira Gomar Shrine

Paraglide across the wind geysers to the platform ahead and then pull out a bomb. Drop it into the wind geyser and it will fly up. Detonate it to blowup the boulders nearby. Follow the path and you’ll see an instrument where you can drop a spherical bomb into. It’s a bit high up, so you’ll actually have to stand back and toss a spherical bomb in. The bomb will launch towards a group of boulders, so blow it up and then follow across using the wind geyser.

Up ahead jump down to the gear that is spinning in a circle. You need to launch a bomb towards the boulders up ahead, although the nearby wind geyser will lock a gate temporarily. Use Stasis on either the wind geyser, or on the gear when it is facing the gate, allowing you to buy some time for the gate to stay open or re-open, allowing you to blast the boulders. Follow the geysers up to the monk ahead.

Race down a peak rings adorn

Just south of the Hebra Peak you will find a large glowing blue circle. This is the beginning of a shield surfing mission. Leap onto your shield and slide through the circle. A series of blue circles will appear as you make your way down the mountain. At one point there is a a gap and you’ll have to jump, use your Paraglider, along with the nearby wind gust to get across. Successfully make it down to the final circle in time and it will cause the Kiah Toza Shrine to appear.

Kiah Toza Shrine

In this shrine you have to get the large orb into the hole down below. It’s a bit of a mouse trap where you have to use your abilities and the available objects to guide the ball in the proper direction. Just follow these steps.

  1. At the very top, move the two metal blocks that are on rails towards the corner, which will cause the orb to bounce off them
  2. Move the two metal blocks along the path so they are in a straight line, allowing the orb to role across.
  3. Down below, there is some water against a wall. Use Cryonis to create a path, extending the ramp in a staircase like pattern to guide the ball.
  4. Just above the water, step on the floor switch when the orb comes by, causing the moving ramp to change direction, allowing the orb to continue onward.
  5. Once the orb clears the moving platform, turn your attention just down the ramp and use Stasis on the teeter-totter, holding it in place and allowing the orb to roll across towards the ice blocks you created.
  6. Drop down below and step on the floor switch when the orb rolls over the nearby revamp, causing the catapult to shoot it across towards the hole.

Shoot four targets to win

Make your way to the Flight Range and you’ll see all the targets on the wall. Don’t play the actual Flight game, but just leap off the ledge. The key here is you need to shoot four targets without pulling out your Paraglider. I recommend using a Bow that gives you longer distance. Additionally, it’s a good idea to stock up on Stamina Potions, as you can fill up your stamina mid-flight.

Successfully shooting four targets will cause the Noe Ragee Shrine to appear at the bottom of the Flight Range.

Noe Ragee Shrine

Shoot the first target and ride the geyser up ahead. In this room there are a few hidden switches within the large structure ahead and you have to hit them all to activate all of the wind geysers.

Wait for the pillar to rotate until you see a set of six boulders. Hit them with a bomb arrow and then follow up with a regular arrow to hit the switch. A second switch his hidden behind a metal gate. Way down beneath there are four geysers and if you just ride those up inside the pillar, you should be to hit it with an arrow.

On one of the sides of the pillar, there is a small windmill. When it is directly near a wind geyser, it will open up the gate, allowing you to shoot the switch. The last one his behind a gate that has vertical bars. Fortunately, you can just aim right in between the bars and hit the switch with an arrow.

With all four geysers activated, ride them all the way to the top of the pillar. Note, there is a treasure chest at the top of this shrine, with a wind geyser located behind the pillar that it stands on. You can head over and open it to get a Shield of the Mind’s Eye. Then glide over and speak with the monk.

Windblight Ganon

(Coming Soon)

15.4 Champion Mipha

Visit Kass who is marked on your map, just southeast of the East Reservoir Lake.

Find What the Light’s Path Shows

One of the pictures leads you to an area just east of the Ulria Grotto, and west of the Knuckel Island. Right at the edge of the cliff you will find two Zoras: Muzu and Tottika. Muzu will give you some advice about following the morning sun. From this precise location, if you wait until morning, at 3am a ray of light from the sun will shine on the water below. Way out to sea to the east, the ray of light passes through a blue circle. The blue circle only appears early in the morning from the hours of 5am to 6am. You need to swim through the circle before it disappears.

Your best bet is to wait at the east end of Knuckel Island and create a camp fire. Sit until morning and it will be 5am. This should give you enough time to paraglide over and drop down into the blue circle. Successfully doing so will cause the Kee Dafunia Shrine to appear.

Kee Dafunia Shrine

Once you arrive, equip the torch that is leaning right next to the fire. Use the flame to light the torch on fire and then jump onto the nearby ice. Walk over to the large ice blocks ahead and allow the flame to melt the cubes, allowing you to pass.

Walk to the right and step on the floor switch, causing two large ice blocks to fall to the ground. Melt one of them so that it is roughly half the size as the other and then use the two blocks to create somewhat of a staircase that you can climb up. Light your torch and climb up, melting one of the blocks on the higher platform as well. Once again make a staircase of sorts and climb all the way up to the top.

Melt the large block all the way at the top until it is about half the size and then put the torch away. Lift the smaller ice block and carry it up ahead, tossing it into the water. Push it up against the back wall and then use Cryonis to create an ice block beneath it, raising it up. Now climb up on top of the Cryonis block and then on top of the smaller ice block. From there climb all the way up and then run over to the monk.

Conquer the Ancient Foes

Make your way northwest of Zora’s Domain to the Upland Zorana. The area on your map has a few trees and this area is littered with Guardians. As the objective suggests, you simply need to defeat all of the Skywatchers here. It will take some effort to beat these guys, so I suggest stocking up on some Ancient arrows, or at the very least, have some powerful bows with Bomb arrows. Perfect Guard blocks with your shield are also effective. Once you’ve defeated them all, the Sato Koda Shrine will appear.

Sato Koda Shrine

At the top-left of the shrine you will see an orange ball rolling down. You will need to use Cryonis to create some ice blocks, guiding the orange block into the hole at the bottom-right of the shrine. While there are a few ways to go about doing this, you can actually successfully guide the block using a single cryonis block.

If you place a block below the first gap and slightly to the left, the orange ball will drop down, hit the edge of the ice block, and bounce rightward, all the way down into the gate. It will then launch up and land in the circle at the end of the shrine, opening up the gate to the monk.

Just above where the ball end point is, there is a treasure chest that contains a Giant Ancient Core. You can use Cryonis on the back wall and climb up a series of ice blocks to get it.

Chase Rings of the Waterfall

Just east of Zora’s Domain, make your way towards Mikau Lake. Here you will find a glowing blue circle. Walk through it and another circle will appear towards the waterfall. Equip your Zora Armor and use the ability to swim up the waterfall to go through a series of blue circles. You’ll have to make your way up three waterfalls, ending at the top of Lulu Lake. Successfully doing it in time will cause the Mah Eliya Shrine to appear.

Mah Eliya Shrine

You will find two large metal crates that are attached to the wall on rails. Note that there is a waterfall behind them as well as water beneath them. First we need to raise the one on the left, so use Cryonis to create and ice block and then climb up. On the higher ledge to the left, you will find another block, so grab with Magnesis and toss it down below. Now using Cryonis and the three blocks, you need to create a staircase that is four levels high to reach the highest platform. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Create an ice block on the ground, right in the middle, raising both of the large platforms at the same time.
  2. Grab the small block and place it underneath the large block that is on the right.
  3. Use Cryonis to create an ice block underneath the small block, raising up the large block to the third level.
  4. Use Cryonis to break the ice block that is in the middle, causing the large block on the left to drop.
  5. Now use Magnesis to grab the small block and carefully move it to the left, so that the majority of the block is on top of the large block on the left, but it is still holding up the large block on the right.
  6. Now use Cryonis to create an ice block, raising the large block on the left.

This will raise the blocks four levels high and you should be able to climb up to the top to complete the shrine.

Waterblight Ganon

(Coming Soon)

15.5 Champion Daruk

Stop a Titan of Molten Stone

Make your way over to Lake Darman, which is located at the north end of the Eldin region, northeast of Goron City. Just north of the lake is a Goron named Krane, who tells you of a huge monster in Lake Darman.

Once you arrive you will find that there is an Igneo Talus in the lava below. Since the Talus is actually in the lava, there is no safe ground around it. Fortunately there is a constant wind gust from the ground, allowing you to stay in the air for a while. I recommend shooting it with Ice Arrows from above if you have them so that you can land on top of the Talus and strike it with a strong weapon. Even if he is flaming, you can still land on top of him, but you won’t do as much damage. Once defeated, the Kamia Omuna Shrine will open up to the northwest.

Kamia Omuna Shrine

Run over and drop a spherical bomb into the opening. Hit the switch and when it is about to be lined up with the target, detonate the bomb to launch the orb at it. Once you hit it, a second target will appear, this one moving up and down. The process is the same and you just have to time it.

Just to the right of the target you will find a treasure chest in the distance. If you launch an orb at it it will break the wood that the treasure chest is standing on. Then you can run across the platform to get to it. Use Magnesis to grab the treasure chest and bring it towards you. Then open it up to get a Diamond.

Up ahead on the right you will find a motion puzzle. Turn the object so that the target is facing you. Then use the same device below to launch an orb at it. Once you hit it a second target will appear. This time you want to adjust the object with the motion control so that a clear pathway through the center of the objects highlights the target. Once again launch an orb at the target to hit it. Run up and and speak with the monk.

Follow Rings of Light Alone

Climb up to the top of Death Mountain and you’ll find a blue circle has appeared on one of the pillars, just to the south. Go through the blue circle and another one will appear just to the east. Climb up and go through that that blue circle as well. There are now a series of circles that appear as you head down the mountain. Successfully go through all of them in the allocated time to get the Sharo Lun Shrine to appear.

Sharo Lun Shrine

Run ahead and grab onto the metal crate. It will carry you across the room and you need to avoid the flames. For the first two sets of flames, you just need to be on the side of the metal crate so that the crates blocks the flames. For the third grouping, just climb on top of it.

The next area has some spikes that you must avoid, along with some guardian scouts that appear. You can shoot them with arrows, or just strategically move around the block, as well as using your shield to block their attacks.

The last moving blocks will require the use of Cryonis. Grab onto the metal block and then climb on top of it. As you draw closer to the water, use Cryonis on the waterfall, and then glide over. There is a treasure chest that is constantly falling and you and break its fall by creating an ice block. Open it up to get a Great Flameblade.

Climb up to the top and then paraglide over the fire to get back on the metal crate. Again use Cryonis on the water up ahead and then jump over to the block. Use Cryonis to create a number of ice blocks so that they act as a staircase. Climb up to the top and then run over and speak with the monk.

Survive Lava’s Fiery Fate

Make your way over to the Darb Pond, located southeast of Goron City and south of Death Mountain. You will find that there is a white symbol in the lava below and you have to step on it to get the shrine to appear. However, as it is right above lava, gliding towards it will cause you to fall into the lava and it will not trigger the shrine to appear. You can talk to the trio of Gorons on the higher cliff for more information but they don’t provide any substantial hints.

On the west side of the Pond you will find two large metal blocks. You can use Magnesis to grab them and place them in the lava. They are just tall enough so that they hit the base of the pond, allowing Link to stand on top of them without falling into the lava. You need to use Magnesis to place one of the blocks on top of the white symbol in the lava. Then glide on top of it and it will trigger the Rinu Honika Shrine to appear.

Rinu Honika Shrine

Titled Block the Blaze, this shrine requires you to avoid and block the blaze of fire, using blocks. Run ahead and simply duck underneath the first set of flames. Continue onward and the next line of fire is directly in your way. If you look at the pillar to the left, there is a breakable boulder down below. Toss a bomb and explode the boulder, causing it to drop down and allowing you to pass.

The next pillar on the right has a magnetic block underneath it. Pull it out use Magnesis and the pillar will drop, allowing you to pass. Use that Metal block and place it in front of the next flame. Now stand to the side of the block, grab it with Magnesis, and walk along with it so that it blocks the flames.

In the next area there are flames coming down from the ceiling and there is a second metal block in the lava below. Stack the blocks on top of each other and then use Stasis on the higher block. Quickly use Magnesis to move the lower block and then run on through. Just around the corner there is a treasure chest that you can use the blocks to reach. It contains a Stone Smasher.

The last challenge requires you to use motion controls to turn the platform. The platform has three small pillars on each side and you can turn it so that it is blocking all lines of fire at the exact same time. Do so and then quickly run across to reach the Monk.

Fireblight Ganon

(Coming Soon)

15.6 Champion Urbosa

Make your way over to Kass, who can be found just southeast of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Fight the Brute of the Sand

Make your way over to the southeast portion of the Gerudo Desert, east of the Misae Suma Shrine and southwest of the South Lomei Labyrinth. You will find a traveler here Traysi and in the sand below a giant Molduga. This will trigger a battle with the Molduking. The battle itself is not much different than that of a regular Molduga Battle.

Throughout the sand region, there are some pillars that stick out of the ground. I recommended climbing up on top of one to stay away from Molduga’s Reach. Then toss a bomb, causing Molduga to come swallow it up. Explode it while it’s inside to stun Molduga. Then jump down and deliver some swords strikes. Urbosa’s Fury is also very useful against Molduga. Repeat this process until the enemy has been defeated, causing the Keive Tala Shrine to appear.

Keive Tala Shrine

The shrine is titled Big or Small, as you will need to use either big or small electric boxes to continue the chain of electricity throughout the shrine. Just to the left when you enter there is an electric charge that has a ball and chain that sticks into the water. Grab one of the small boxes to the right with Magnesis and place it here, causing the electricity to pass through.

If you follow the electric path, it splits, with one going to a glowing orange orb. Grab one of the second small boxes with Magnesis and connect the power to orange orb, causing the platform to rise. Then place the small block on top of it to continue the electric current.

Up ahead you will find a massive ball and chain. Grab it with Magnesis and toss it over the bar that extends outward from the wall, causing the electric current to pass through. The last point of interest requires use of the large block. However, it isn’t quite tall enough. So first, use Cryonis to create and ice block and then toss the large block on top of the ice block, causing the electricity to go through the circuit, opening a path to the monk.

There is an optional treasure chest if you turn to the right. You can use motion controls to shoot the laser at the switches, activating or deactivating the platform. You have to line them up so the electric current passes through all four of them. This will cause the nearby gate to open and you can reach the treasure chest that contains a Radiant Shield.

Chase Rings Upon the Land

This objective requires you to get a Sand Seal. I recommend heading to Gerudo Town and speak with Frelly to rent out a sand seal. Once you are outside on the desert, right to the northwest of Gerudo Town. You will find a blue circle and once you move through it, another circle appears further ahead. Continue going through a series of circles until you make it to the end and the Takama Shiri Shrine appears.

Takama Shiri Shrine

The shrine is titled the Dual Purpose as there a series of metallic platforms that you will need to pass through areas, as well as continue the electric current. In the first room use Magnesis to move both platforms to the left and make your way towards the locked gate. Then turn around and pull the two blocks to the other side, causing electric current to flow through and open the door.

In the second room, disconnect the first metallic block so that it is no longer charged. You can do this by moving the second block, or by moving the block closest to the electricity. Jump onto the first block and make your way along the perimeter to the right. From here create a safe path using the blocks to reach the platform that has the electricity.

Push a block so that it is right up against the locked gate, and a second block right next to it, so you can easily walk over to it. Now use remaining two blocks to transfer electricity across to the other side, causing the gate to open. Make sure neither of the blocks are touching the blocks closest to the gate, otherwise you won’t be able to walk on them.

In this final room there is a treasure chest that you can get. Behind the blocks, if you look on the ground you’ll find a electric pathway. Move the blocks so that electricty flows to the ground, opening the gate. You can open the treasure chest to get a Royal Bow.

Some of the blocks have a grating that you can climb up. First, move the blocks away from the electricity and arrange them so you can climb up to the platform next to the locked gate. From here, you want to grab the block on the top row and move it all the way against where the locked gate is located as we will need this to climb on top. Now arrange the six remaining blocks so that you can transfer electricity to the circuit on the other end of the room. Be sure the top row block that you can climb up is not electrified. Climb on hope and head to the next room where you will find the monk.

Throw the Orb Underground

The third objective requires you to return to the Yiga Hideout. You can warp over to the Kuh Takkar Shrine and then make your way westward. You don’t have to come in through the entrance, in fact, it’s much quicker to just go straight to the arena.

Sneak back inside the Yiga Hideout and the guards are still patrolling the area, albeit in some slightly different spots. You need to head towards the entrance of the large room and then climb the tall ladder. The giant orb is located where the large collection of mighty bananas were previously found. After getting the orb, you want to carefully sneak through the hideout to get back to the Arena. Toss the orb into the large hole in the center of the arena and the Kihiro Moh Shrine will appear.

Kihiro Moh Shrine

The shrine, titled Inside the Box, requires you to get a count of the amount of specific colored balls within the box. Then, if you look at the side of the shrine, there are rows with a number of torches, and columns representing the particular colored orb. From left to right, the solution of the puzzle is.

Red – 1 Green – 2 Yellow – 2 Purple – 4

In the last room, there is a secret treasure chest that you can collect. Turn the large box so that the door is at the bottom. You can then use Magnesis to open the door, causing the balls to fall out. There are three orbs here that you can grab with Magnesis. Grab them and place them in the holes on the side, causing the nearby gate to open. Open the treasure to get a Thunderspear and then talk to the monk to exit the shrine.

Thunderblight Ganon

(Coming Soon)

15.7 Final Trial Divine Beast

After completing all four of the Champions’ Ballads, you will be summoned back to the Shrine of Resurrection. Return to the shrine and place the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal. This will cause the Shrine to lower down beneath the ground, bringing you to the entrance of an extra Divine Beast dungeon, the Final Trial.

As with all the prior divine beasts, the first step is to get the map, which fortunately can be found directly ahead. Run forward and place the slate in the pedestal to get the map of the dungeon. There is a large wheel in the center of the dungeon and using the dungeon map, you are able to change which direction the wheel is turning.

If you glance at the map, there are four sections that jut out from the center of the Divine Beast. Each of these four sections are themed based on one of the elements of the various champions, Fire, Water, Wind, and Electricity. They each have a terminal that you will need to unlock to progress within the dungeon.

Fire Terminal

From the Shrine of Resurrection, it is the first hallway on the right and you can see some lava just on the outside. There is a large gear spinning in the lava here and you want to turn it so that you can jump on top of it, and it will take you upward.

In the room you will see a large spiked cylinder that is turning, but if you look closely, there is a clear path for you to walk on. Wait until the platform has turned until the pathway opens up. Then if it isn’t already doing so, immediately turn the gear on the map, so that the cylinder is turning to the right. This will allow your navigate along the safe ground without falling into the lava. At the end of the cylinder, you will see fire appearing in several columns. After a few moments the columns disappear one by one. When the path is clear, quickly jump across the gap.

If you step on the floor switch ahead, a gate against the wall will open, causing an orange orb to fall down. If you look against the back wall, there is a maze like structure where that orb can travel through. You have to line it up so that the entrance to this maze structure is facing the gate, right when you step on the switch. You can use the mechanism on your map to change the rotation of this structure. I find it easiest to get it in there when the gear is blue, or turning clockwise.

Once the orb is in the maze you will need to constantly tweak the direction of the map and let gravity take the ball through the maze. Once you get it through the maze it will fall out of the opening in the center, dropping straight to the floor where you can go and pick it up.

Pickup the orb and take it back to the columns of fire. Just to the right there is a gate that you can drop the ball into it and it will roll down and land in a hole, causing a nearby gate to open. Paraglide down and activate the terminal here, releasing one of the locks on the large door.

Water Terminal

You can use the gears that are near the lava on the first floor of the dungeon to get to the top of the room. Note, there is a treasure chest, just above where the Shrine of Resurrection is, but it is behind a rapidly moving gear. If you use Stasis at the right time, so that it freezes right where the a small hole, you can open up the treasure chest to get a Gerudo Shield. From higher up you can glide down to the higher platforms by the area further from the Shrine of Resurrection.

From the Shrine of Resurrection, the far pathway on the left side is where the Water Terminal is located. Glide over and climb the nearby ladder. If you look along the wall, there is a slowly moving gear that has blocks attached to them. Turn the dungeon so that this gear is moving counterclockwise. As the gear turns, the blocks drop down due to gravity. There is another gear just to the right and further up, but it is slightly out of reach.

What you want to do is use Stasis on one of the blocks when it is directly to the right. If this were a clock, it would be at the 3 o’clock position. This will prevent it from falling down, which will in turn cause it to move the nearby gear and raise the nearby platform. Use this opportunity to quickly run across the short bridge that forms and into the next room.

There is water on the ground here and right in the center there is an upside switch that needs to be pushed in. Use Cryonis in the center of the room to raise an ice block, causing the switch to be pressed in. This will connect the gear to rotating bar, causing the whole platform to rotate. Turn the dungeon so that it is rotating counterclockwise and head up through the opening to the next room.

Run forward and you’ll there is water all over this area and there is an object right above the platform that you are standing on. Use Stasis on this object and then hit it a number of times so that it turns clockwise. It will rotate and will cause water to drain from the ground below. This allows you to reach a treasure chest on the floor that contains a Zora Spear.

With the water lowered, you can make your way underneath the gate. Climb the steps and stand on the floor switch here to cause a large boulder to appear. Grab it with Magnesis and place it right on the otherside of the platform that is right up against. Then step off the floor switch to retract that platform and then step back on it. This will launch the ball to the other side of the room, hitting that water wheel and causing the water level to rise back up.

From here you can now use Cryonis on the water to reach the higher ledge and the second terminal. The nearby gate will open, allowing for quick access back to the main room.

Wind Terminal

The Wind Terminal entrance is located directly across from the Fire Terminal, which is just to the right of the large locked door. The first thing you need to do is get the gear moving, to allow yourself to enter the room. If you look at the back wall you will find a rectangular block that you can grab with Magnesis. Higher up on the outer wall, you will find a gear, right where that rectangular block will fit in. Grab it with Magnesis and stick it into the gear. This is a little more tedious than it should be, but stick with it until you get it.

Now grab the end from the moving gear closer to the center of the room and connect it with the rectangular block. With the two attached, the gears will be spinning, creating an opening that allows you to enter the next room.

Inside you will find a massive fan that is blowing air. First things first is turn the dungeon so that the wind is blowing towards the fan. Then use Stasis on the fan and glide by the fan blades. You can open the treasure chest here to get a Swallow Bow. Use Stasis on the fan again and run passed the blades.

Climb the steps and then climb up the ladder. Turn the dungeon and glide back towards the entrance, landing on the higher platform. Climb the ladder and turn the dungeon one more time. If you look towards the fan, you will find a moving platform. Carefully glide over and try to land on top of this moving platform. Once you have successfully done so, use Stasis on the large fan and then glide over to the terminal. Place the Sheikah Slate in the terminal to remove another one of the locks and then return to the main room.

Electric Terminal

From the Shrine of Resurrection, it is the first hallway on the left. The first thing we need to do is get the gear spinning. Before entering the room, look up and you’ll find a metal block that you can grab onto with Magnesis. Grab it and pull it towards the outer wall. There is a point where the piece will fit directly into a whole. Push it into the whole and the whole platform will start turning.

Ride the moving gear to reach the small staircase against the wall on the right. From here, grab the block that is on the ceiling with Magnesis and drop it down to the ground below. You need to place that block so that it fits snug into the hole in the center of the room. Now wait until the large block on the moveable gear comes by and grab it with Magnesis. Pull it all the way out and the two metal blocks will hit. This will cause the second set of gears to move around the room.

Furthermore, electricity is now flowing further into the room, causing the gate on the far all to open. Run to the end of the room and activate the terminal.

  • Lance Whalley

    Someone break out the Listerine, cuz it’s time for some fresh Breath of the Wild B-)

  • Erik Aloy

    Just finished the dlc, gotta say now that i have im glad ive done it, time to do it in master mode now xD

  • James Chiera

    What is the path of light?

  • peerbam

    lol I’m stuck there.. I can’t find any path of light

  • Pedro Civita

    Reach the zoras by Knuckel Island on the far east edge of the map. Lay by the fire and rest until morning. When the game resumes, look at the sun’s reflection on the water and follow it. You should see a blue circle in the water. Pass through it and get to the shrine.

  • Joeri Jungschlager

    Damn mate that’s quick. 1 just did my first set of trails and I can’t figure out where to shoot that fucking dragon besides in his horn.

  • Clark Kubasiak

    where is Daruk’s training journal?

  • Clark Kubasiak

    nvm. Found it

  • Lance Whalley

    I set a marker on the “on” for Tanagar Canyon and waited there until Dinraal showed up. Flew close and his horns turned blue, fired an arrow and voila!

  • Lance Whalley

    Anyone else feel like they were witnessing the Tower of the Gods rising from the ocean from the first time all over again?

  • Lance Whalley

    Trial #1 for Mipha’s Song has been mentioned, but for #2 and #3, try west of Toto Lake, and the other one look around Mikau Lake. Came here for help but nothing added yet, so I thought I’d add something here for anyone that’s lost and had trouble getting clues from the pictures on the monoliths 🙂

  • Thanks Lance, we are working on it. This page will change quite a bit in the next few days. Getting text up and will follow with some screenshots shortly. Greatly appreciate the temporary help for viewers.

  • Skyrure

    I take pictures of the shrine thingy so I don’t has to go back to the place

  • Springball64

    Anyone know how the arrow target Revali Medoh challenge works? Because I shot four without the paraglider 10+ times and nothing. Thanks in advance!

  • Springball64

    Nvm I figured it out

  • Cat Pun

    How did you do it?

  • BlackRayquaza98

    You want to shoot four before they respawn. You can do this by jumping into the updraft, then pulling out your bow to shoot them quickly. Make sure you have plenty of stamina and/or stamina elixirs.

  • Lucas Robinson

    With the molten titan I would recommend against using bomb arrows as suggested. Bomb arrows in the volcano automatically explode on you.

  • Kaylee Alexandra Storey

    The reflection of the sun on the water by the islands connected by rope bridges

  • Christian Beach

    Yeah I found that out the hard way.

  • Raztastic

    The trials were fun and all, but the reward has been incredibly disappointing… Powerups of already OP abilities? I never need them. All the weapons I have/pickup are 70+, Mastersword is tops, armor I use if fully upgraded, full stamina and only missing 6 hearts. So combat at this point is boring by conventional means, so the powers are kinda a bummer. Don’t get me wrong, the dungeons have been really fun, seeming much more complex, but getting those upgrades is just unnecessary, as tho they are real game changers. If you did the 4 blightganons, the Calamity is a pushover. And MasterMode is only hard if you didn’t do any of the divine beasts, so it’s pretty useless in MasterMode.

  • Faith Danley

    There’s another, better way to handle that Igneous Talus in Eldin. You can shoot his body with an ice arrow or two and his body will cool down enough for you to attack it normally. It doesn’t last forever.

  • Chancellor Cole

    Damn son, where’d you find this? (M E M E)

  • Mer Lynn McCoy

    Look at the sun just as it’s rising(straight on) and then look down in the water. Blue shiny circle thing. Paraglide into it & then: shrine. The island might block it a little. Just move right or left till ya see it.

  • Tobiasz Zielinski

    Do you know where can I find the shrine close to the Yiga Clan Hideout? I spent almost an hour trying to find it to no avail. I have completed the two other shrines on Urbosa’s Song quest but this one is driving me nuts!

  • Tobiasz Zielinski

    Nvm, didn’t bother to check inside the hideout

  • Amon – Ose

    personally, i’m just rly grateful that they put in a good final boss in this dlc that isn’t a Ganon (the shocking boss entrance scene and sky arena are great too.)


    How do you get the two terminals nearest the end of the final dungeon?

  • BlackRayquaza98

    For the one on the left side of the room, you need the gears spinning counter-clockwise. Use Stasis on one of the stone bricks before it falls down the rail; it should start spinning the other gear and raise the platform attached by chain. The other one requires you to move a metal block high up in the dungeon into a slot with another metal block. Sorry for the poor explanation, but the full walkthrough will be coming soon, with screenshots to help.

  • Anybody know the locations of the 3 things for urbosa’s part?

  • BlackRayquaza98

    One is in the southeast of the desert – south of the East Barrens. You will find a Molduga here which is more powerful than others. Take it out to reveal the shrine. The second can be found to the northwest of Gerudo Town; it is a race through the blue gates on the back of a Sand Seal. Go through all the gates to find the Shrine. The final one is in the Yiga Clan Hideout. On the top floor, where you found all the bananas will be an orb. Take it to where you fought Master Kohga and toss it into the pit. This will cause the shrine to come out of the ground.

  • Canucks Fan

    Probably been discussed but what a messed up way to start the dlc oh lets give you a one hit challenge where both you and the enemy can die with one hit such garbage plus no way of telling which area i’ve cleared or how much left to clear i honestly regret getting the dlc

  • Jerd

    Don’t be mad cause ur bad.

  • Ryan Hassan

    do you have to sneak in again?

  • BlackRayquaza98

    Yes – I snuck in from the back. The guards are back but are in slightly different locations.

  • Ryan Watchel

    get good. I had no issue with the first trial. i thought it was fun.

  • Ford Johnes

    Well if you’ve met the requirements to play the DLC (which is by the way, beating 80% the game’s story), you should already be at the point where you can go around without getting hit or detected.

  • Canucks Fan

    Not fun for me would of been fine as a seperate trial like trial of the sword but to start the dlc is a garbage way of inputting it. Yeah true I could get good or just move on to something more enjoyable. Had fun with the base game should of stuck to just that I’ll use the money for sonic mania and axiom verge both I’ve played on other platforms but gonna get them again on the Switch

  • Canucks Fan

    Beat the base game just fine all 120 shrines and side quests I feel I’m good enough the problem is the fact the dlc locked behind a one hit challenge

  • I didn’t think it was too bad, but I also hardly used the One Hit Obliterator. I picked off 99% of the enemies with various powered arrows, which worked pretty well.

  • masterofcitrus

    You have to stop time while paragliding, and then hit them all before time goes back to normal

  • Weustje Faes

    I actually broke the dungeon by using the metal block that you need to connect the gears with in the first room when you enter on the right instead of right above it. No way to get it out and no way to reset the dungeon.

  • Lindsay Metcalf

    There is a way to fix it! I did the same thing. outside of the room where you used the metal block on accident, is another metal piece on tracks. You need to slide it all the way over to get the inside of that room rotating. Once you do that, go into the room and make sure it is rotating clockwise. Go up the wall on the left and there will be ledge. Once you are there, you can get an identical metal block from the ceiling.

  • jasonbasa

    I was having a hard time until I realized they didn’t take my bow. I just firebombed the hell out of everyone. easy peasy.

  • jasonbasa

    @brad……..exactly what i did. One I realized I still had my bow, the challenge was gone.

  • André Bortoni

    Really need some help on
    Windblight and waterblight ganons
    How can I defeat them on Master?
    They just Regen everything up so fast on stage 2

  • Erik Aloy

    Its the reflection on the water

  • BioDefault

    The first part of the challenge is braindead easy. You can save absolutely whenever you want, and reload right to the save. Kill a couple enemies, save, kill a couple more, save, finish them off, do the shrine. Only one of the 4 shrines is even a challenge, granted that ONE shrine is a total piece of shit. But other than that, it’s insanely easy.

  • Yeah, the front entrance that you use in the main part of the game when retrieving the thunder helm is sealed shut, you can only go in from the back.

    I had a really hard time getting through the first area with Yiga guards, until I realized you can use Revali’s Gale to jump up to the rafters without getting caught, then just paraglide over to the path that leads to where the orb is.

    You obviously can’t do the same thing on the way out since you have to carry the orb, but going that way didn’t give me as much trouble for whatever reason.

  • Izren


  • Carl Mujero

    in the dark shrine you can just stop time on the lasers and walk past

  • Carl Mujero

    too bad you can’t bring in the 1-hit doodad. edit i just killed all of the master ballad gannons. use a strength potion before you walk up to the divine beast. beat it to half. obliterate it with 3 urbosas furies

  • justanothercrazyfan1

    You can only use Stasis once and sometimes there are three or four lasers in succession. I remember thinking I could use stasis but ultimately didn’t use it in the end at all

  • Raztastic

    ^ this is how I did it. Thin the herd, then clean up with a dash slash. The recharge rate on the one hit KO sword is silly fast, almost making the point of it recharging at all a moot point. Just remember don’t rush in, take them on one by one when you can.

  • Raztastic

    Easy: at then window before you climb down from where got the orb, time lock the orb. There is no guard near the entrance to the ‘treasure room’ (the room before your fight with the Yiga boss) and launch the ball accross the room. Then you can para/climb, never needing to touch the ground.

  • Raztastic

    Haven’t tried on master mode yet… I imagine water blight would be a real mess… would probs have to rely on having completed urbosa’s challenge and kill water with the urbosa’s fury. THe number of arrows you get is so limited, so try some strategic bomb placement? Wind should be a bit easier, since you get a ton of arrows, there are lots of gales you can use to slow time with your bow. Keep pounding away at his eye, you should be good.

  • Well, making the final boss easier is kind of the whole point of doing the four Divine Beasts, right? If you just want a challenge, go straight to the boss without doing the Divine Beasts first.

    But yeah, the powered-up abilities are probably more useful for e.g. fighting Silver Lynels and stuff, who are actually harder than the final boss (if you’ve done the Divine Beasts) IMHO.

  • Raztastic

    Yeah, I understand completely what you’re saying, but who wants it to get progressively easier? And the margin by which it improves is arbitrary. You can get weapons that are strong enough to beat them without having to use abilities a 2nd time (or a first for that matter) at this point in the game. Maybe I just have to admit I’ve gotten bored with BOTW by now. I beat all divine beasts then faced Ganon on normal, then went for the real challenge, to not fight any divine beasts and take them all on plus Ganon on Mastermode, so combat is just very nonchalant to me. So the game doesn’t have a whole lot to offer, I just think the experience can still be enriching, and they wasted it, as my palate is concerened. Was fun, but it gets a C+, when I expect all As from Nintendo.

  • I guess that speaks to the wisdom of Nintendo doing the two separate DLC packs, I’m personally enjoying doing the shrines in this one and was kind of disappointed by The Master Trials because I don’t really care about combat and I’m probably never going to bother completing the Trials.

    For me, just having new shrines is fun, I don’t really care about the upgrades since I’ve already beaten the game anyway.

  • Carl Mujero

    if you don’t like it, jump off the plateau and end the trial

  • Carl Mujero

    or you can just use bananas (conveniently located on platforms knocked down with arrows) and 1 hit kill them while they eat the banana

  • Carl Mujero

    or you can use the fire armor and just stand on him

  • Carl Mujero

    you can stand in between the lasers while it recharges

  • Carl Mujero

    in Kihiro Moh, you only have to use 1 iron ball in the #3 slot to open the door

  • Carl Mujero

    thing is, you don’t even have to be good, just mildly creative. use a bow. save after killing a guy. run in, kill a guy, run away. it’s not hard, even on master mode. even a giant guardian with 1500hp dies in 1 hit. be sneaky

  • Carl Mujero

    4 in one time-stop

  • Carl Mujero

    do they not explode on you in flight/timestop mode? edit: they absolutely do

  • Christian Beach

    Not sure. I was on the ground when I shot it.

  • Jason Harvey

    So found a secret cutscene after you beat the dlc2 and you have your house, walk up to the dresser.

  • Melissa Marie Guynes

    Was a cake walk. It lets you know once you clear the camps. Like a dozen monsters per camp. Easy.

  • juggalo taz

    if i leave the plateau will i have to start over

  • Ah, I didn’t realize you can kill them while they eat the bananas! That makes it way easier. I knew you could use the bananas to distract them but I thought you were just supposed to sneak past while they were getting the banana.

  • EmeraldGamer

    i guess so

  • Carl Mujero

    it’s especially easy in the DLC quest, there are only 3 of them. it’s a lot harder in the helmet quest when there are like 10 of them

  • Sato

    You have to hit four targets while you’re in timestop/focus/bullet time mode (gliding with your arrow drawn) – you have to hit all four during ONE time-slow.

    It doesn’t matter which four targets you hit, but you have to hit them all before exiting focus mode.

  • Brielle Thomas Chung Flitsgard

    Is it incomplete?
    Because I think there is a boss after you’re done with the 5th Divine Beast.


    How do you find the cutscene?

  • Keru

    Really? After the first group of enemies, I grasped the general work I had to do and just found high ground (before they found me) and bombed them to the other life. Easy work. I just attacked them directly when only one or two were left out of range of my arrows. It was quick and fun… I was actually only killed once and by the group of bats! XD

  • Keru

    When you get your divine beast (Bike) Kass is there to sing you the final version of the “Champion Ballad”. At the end of the memory he give you a present that you can put in your house 🙂 I liked it.

  • EmeraldGamer

    Yes, there is Monk Maz Koshia

  • Thomas Prewitt

    My fully upgraded firebreak armor let me walk through the fires in the shrines. So didn’t have to run around doing the puzzles for them.

  • BlackRayquaza98

    This guide will be completed soon with screenshots to help you. In the meantime, we have a guide on our wiki on the boss of the 5th divine beast: https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/Monk_Maz_Koshia

  • Jeff Perrin

    As your coming out of the wind chamber, ride this doorway up to the gears. Hop on the gears and have them turn clockwise (as if your facing the room). These gears will take you to the final chest of the room. A diamond awaits inside. I had completed the shrine and right before going to the monk turned on my treasure detector. This little walk through doesn’t mention the last chest.