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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
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North America August 26, 1989

North America October 2002




Zelda Game & Watch (ZL-65) is a handheld Zelda game made as part of Nintendo's Game & Watch Multi Screen series. This handheld LCD game developed by Gunpei Yokoi and Nintendo R&D1 and released on August 26, 1989 in North America. It considered the first handheld Zelda title before Link's Awakening. It also one of two Zelda LCD games that was released besides The Legend of Zelda Game Watch. Zelda Game & Watch is a side-scrolling action game, and the gameplay are inspired by The Adventure of Link. In total, three million Zelda-version Game & Watch systems were sold.

Zelda Game & Watch was the final game and last system released for Nintendo's Game & Watch Multi Screen series. This system has two screens, similar to the Nintendo DS. The bottom screen used for normal battles, to show enemies energy, to show Link's life and to show a little old lady that sounds alarm. The top screen used to show inventory, to show the map, and as an arena of boss battle.

Zelda Game & Watch was re-released in keychain version in 1998 by Toymax Inc. as part of Nintendo's Mini Classics LCD keychain games. It has a significantly smaller screen size, and only released in North America.

In October 2002, Nintendo included a port of Zelda Game & Watch as an unlockable game in Game & Watch Gallery 4 for the Game Boy Advance. To unlock this game, the player have to have beat all other games and must earned all 160 stars.[1]

In April 2011, a playable online version was created by website Pica Pic, a site specializing in recreating classic LCD handheld games for play on modern internet browsers.


Information is from the Game Instruction Manual.[2]

The havoc caused by eight fierce dragons is increasing day by day. These dragons have refused to live in piece with man and are fighting against him to rule the world. Now that your sweetheart Princess Zelda has been kidnapped by the evil dragons, you have resolved to destroy the dragons.


Players control Link and fight through labyrinth chambers on the Game & Watch's lower screen. In the labyrinth chambers, Link faces Ghini, 1-4 Stalfos, and a Moblin/ Goblin. The Stalfos attack Link by thrusting upward at him from below with their swords. Link must move left and right to avoid their attack. Ghini attack Link from behind with projectiles, requiring Link to occasionally protect himself by holding his shield behind him. Stalfos and Ghosts cannot be defeated and must be dodged and blocked with the shield respectively.

The Moblins attack by throwing a spear at Link. Link must defend himself from the Moblin spear attacks by using his shield. Link must defeat them to proceed to the next room. If Link has the sword beam, he can attack them from the far left corner of the chamber. When Link defeats the Moblin, stairs leading to the next chamber will appear. If two stairs appear at the left and right, Link must choose one of the stairs.

Once you reach the Dragon's Lair, Link must combat the Dragon. The Dragon will spit out fireballs and attack Link with his tail. Skillfully move left and right to avoid it and attack the Dragon. When Link destroys the Dragon, he will obtain one of the Triforce fragments. The Triforce is the key to unlock the seal that keeps Princess Zelda locked in the dungeon. When all eight dragons are destroyed, you can complete the Triforce and rescue Princess Zelda. When you beat the game, you are given a Second Quest with quicker enemies and harder bosses. The player's score from the previous game also is carried over.

After completing the second quest, the game will loop, allowing the player to continuously beat the second quest for an increased score. The score will roll over at 9990, and a sword icon will appear above the heart containers, representing 10,000 points. Holding down the continue button will show the highest score achieved on the device.


  • Left/Right: Move in the direction of the button you press.
  • Up: Go up a staircase.
  • Down: Use the "Water of Life" (above).
  • Attack Button: Attack with whatever weapon you are using and can be use to blocked Goblin's attack. Release this button to dodged and blocked Ghinis attack.


Picture Name Description
Link-ZG&W.png Link Hero of this game. He must fights all the dragons and collect all Triforce pieces to rescue Princess Zelda.
Zelda-ZG&W.png Princess Zelda She was kidnapped by the dragons and locked inside a final dungeon.
AlarmWomen-ZG&W.png Alarm Woman Old lady that sounds alarm.


Picture Name Description
Ghini-ZG&W.png Ghini/ Ghost They attack Link from behind. They cannot be defeated and their attack must be blocked with the shield respectively.
Stalfos-ZG&W.png Stalfos One to four Stalfos appear in each of the chamber. They attack Link from underneath and stabbing up at him. They cannot be defeated and can be avoided by simply moving out of the way.
Moblin-ZG&W.png Moblin/Goblin They attack Link with their spear. The attack can be blocked by pressing the attack button. You must kill them to proceed to the next room. If you have a sword beam, you can attack them from the far left corner.
Dragon-ZG&W.png Dragon/Aquamentus They are the bosses that can be found at the top room in each dungeon. They attack Link with Fireball and their tail. You must dodge its fireball and attack it when you have a change. But, beware with his tail attack. Link will used Tomahawk in this boss battles.


Picture Name Description
Sword You automatically equipped this when you start the game. It causes three damage per hit. If you have five hearts, you can use sword beam.
Shield You automatically equipped this when you start the game. Use it to blocked Ghinis and Moblin attack.
Tomahawk-ZG&W.png Tomahawk This weapon is only used in boss battles. It is automatically equipped when you enter one, and works in the same way as the sword. Its only difference is that it does more damage. It causes nine damage per hit.
Map-ZG&W.png Dungeon Map Shows you the layout of the dungeon.
WaterofLife-ZG&W.png Water of Life Reviving Link with full Hearts.
RecoveryHeart-ZG&W.png Recovery Heart Replenish Link's health by one heart.



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