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All chambers except the Dragons' Lairs


Dungeon Map, Tomahawk, Water of Life or Recovery Heart
Progression to the next room


Goblins are enemies from the 1989 Zelda Game & Watch LCD game, which was also included in the Game Boy Advance collection Game & Watch Gallery 4.


Zelda (Game & Watch)

"When you defeat the Goblin at the right of the chamber, stairs leading to the next chamber will appear. Fight skillfully with your sword and advance forward. Defend yourself from the Goblins' spear attacks by using your shield."

Each room in the labyrinths, other than the Dragons' Lairs, has one Goblin which Link must defeat to progress. They attack with spears - Link must dodge these at melee range, and block with his shield when they are thrown. The goblins are aided by Stalfos attacking Link from below, and/or Ghosts attacking from behind.

If Link successfully reduces the goblin's energy to 0, the other enemies vanish, and stairs appear to the next level or levels. They may also drop a Tomahawk to use against the labyrinth's Dragon, a Map to show the shortest route to the Dragon, or Water of Life and Recovery Hearts to heal Link.