Water of Life

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This article is about the item from The Adventure of Link. For the healing item from The Legend of Zelda also known as the Water of Life, see Life Potion.
Water of Life
Sprite from the Famicom version of Adventure of Link. Sprite from the NES version of Adventure of Link.
Sprites from the Famicom and NES versions of The Adventure of Link




Healing young girl, getting access to Fairy Spell (The Adventure of Link)
Restoring all of Link's health (Game & Watch)


The Water of Life is a sidequest item from The Adventure of Link, and healing item from Zelda (Game & Watch).

The Adventure of Link

AOL Water of Life.png

In Link's second adventure, the Water of Life is not a usable item, but a sidequest collectible needed to cure an old woman's daughter in the Harbor Town of Mido. It can be found in the Moruge Swamp after obtaining the Hammer.

With the water in hand, Link is granted access to the Wise Man that bestows the Fairy Spell.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Zelda (Game & Watch)

Sprite from Zelda (Game & Watch).

The Water of Life may be randomly obtained by defeating a Goblin. If Link runs out of hearts while he has the Water of Life in his inventory, he is revived with five hearts, similar to a bottled fairy or Secret Medicine in other games in the series.

The Faces of Evil

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The Wand of Gamelon

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