Harbor Town of Mido

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The Harbor Town of Mido is a town in The Adventure of Link and is found in the far east of Western Hyrule. It can be accessed via the maze-like then treacherous caves of Death Mountain and eventually by a much shorter route using the Hammer. The dock east of Mido serves as Link's portal to Eastern Hyrule once he recovers the Raft[1] from the Island Palace to the south, for which he will receive a vital clue from Error of Ruto[2]

Within the town, Link acquires the Fairy Spell after helping a mother's sick child. He also meets a Hylian Knight in the church bell tower who teaches him the Downward Thrust.

Notable Inhabitants

Obtainable Items

Fairy Spell

Main article: Fairy Spell

While passing through Mido, Link encounters a mother who pleads with him to help her sick daughter. While apparently faced with a dead end regarding where to look for a solution, talking to a local woman will point Link to a cave in the Moruge Swamp[3] where he will find the Water of Life to cure the child. The cave itself had been otherwise inaccessible to this point due to the large boulder, but Link can finally enter using the Hammer[4] recovered deep within Death Mountain. After facing stiff resistance and recovering the water, the appreciative mother will allow Lick access to the Wise Man.

Downward Thrust

Main article: Down Thrust

Link is given a clue regarding the mysterious open door on the second floor of the church indicating that someone might be inside[5]. Using the Jump Spell allows Link to reach the portal in order to investigate. Inside, he meets a Hylian Knight who teaches him how to Downward Thrust.



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