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This is a list of locations found in The Adventure of Link.

Western Hyrule

Death Mountain

Death Mountain Area OW.png
Main article: Death Mountain (The Adventure of Link)

Death Mountain, located south of the Water Town of Saria, is a complex maze-like system of caves filled with dangerous enemies. Should Link properly navigate the perilous route, he is rewarded with the Hammer and a Magic Container at Spectacle Rock. Close examination of the Overworld in the southern reaches of Death Mountain reveals a simplified version of Hyrule from the original The Legend of Zelda.


Graveyard Area OW.png
Main article: Graveyard (The Adventure of Link)

The Graveyard, located directly south of the Harbor Town of Mido is a large area swarming with Red Moa and Daira. In the middle, Link encounters King's Tomb. Directly south of King's Tomb, Link finds a secret passage that leads to the Island Palace.

Harbor Town of Mido

Welcome to Mido.png
Main article: Harbor Town of Mido

Mido is the fourth town Link visits and is home to a Wise Man who teaches him the Fairy Spell after he heals a child with the Water of Life. A Hylian Knight also can be found and imparts how to perform the Downward Thrust attack.

King's Tomb

Kings Tomb OW.png
Main article: King's Tomb

King's Tomb is the final resting place of the King of Hyrule mentioned in the Game Manual's prologue story.

Midoro Swamp

Midoro Swamp Area OW.png
Main article: Midoro Swamp

Midoro Swamp is a large marsh south of Rauru and is home to a host of Octoroks and Moby. At the far western end, Link finds the Midoro Palace.

Moruge Swamp

Moruge Swamp OW.png
Main article: Moruge Swamp

The Moruge Swamp is located north of Saria. Its one major feature is a cave that holds the Water of Life, an item needed to gain the Fairy Spell.

North of River

N of River OW.png
Main article: North of River

A friendly Bot in Saria indicates that Link will be able to find Bagu, a prominent citizen of the town in this Megmat and Deeler-infested forested region northeast of Saria and east of the Moruge Swamp.

North Castle

North Palace OW.png
Main article: North Castle

The North Castle is the starting point of Link's quest and the resting place of the sleeping Princess Zelda.

Parapa Desert

Parapa Desert Area OW.png
Main article: Parapa Desert

Parapa Desert is located northwest of Rauru and is home to Parapa Palace, the first dungeon. A small forest glade in the south also holds a Heart Container.

Tantari Desert

Tantari Desert OW.png
Main article: Tantari Desert

Tantari Desert lies north of the North Castle and is home to a single cave, occupied by a Goriya who has stolen the Trophy from the Town of Ruto.

Town of Rauru

Welcome to Rauru.png
Main article: Town of Rauru

Rauru is the first town Link encounters and where he learns the indispensable Shield Spell.

Town of Ruto

Welcome to Ruto.png
Main article: Town of Ruto

Ruto, the second town visited, is located in a mountain valley northwest of the North Castle. Its Wise Man will teach Link the Jump Spell.

Water Town of Saria

Welcome to Saria.png
Main article: Water Town of Saria

Saria, the third town Link encounters, can be found in the southwestern region of Western Hyrule, due south of Ruto. Here Link learns the Life Spell and passes south into Death Mountain after receiving the proper credentials from Bagu.

Eastern Hyrule

Hidden Town of Kasuto

Welcome to Hidden Kasuto.png
Main article: Hidden Town of Kasuto

The residents of Kasuto fled into the woods after the town was destroyed by the forces of Ganon. Link must use the Hammer to uncover the well-hidden town. It is filled with valuable items including the final Magic Container, the Spell Spell, and the Magic Key.


Welcome to Kasuto.png
Main article: Kasuto

Kasuto, destroyed by Ganon's minions, now sits almost completely deserted and is patrolled by invisible Moas. The Wise Man who remains will teach Link the Thunder Spell once he has gathered all of the Magic Containers.

Maze Island

Maze Island AOL.png
Main article: Maze Island (The Adventure of Link)

Maze Island sits off the far northeast coast of Eastern Hyrule and is home to the Maze Island Palace. Link also finds a Magic Container and the Kidnapped Child, who must be returned to a worried mother in the Mountain Town of Darunia.

Mountain Town of Darunia

Welcome to Darunia.png
Main article: Mountain Town of Darunia

Found after ascending a perilous mountain trail north of Nabooru, Link reaches the sixth town, Darunia. Here, like in Mido, Link meets another Hylian Knight who teaches Link Upward Thrust. Once the kidnapped child is returned from Maze Island, Link also learns the Reflect Spell.

Town of Nabooru

Welcome to Nabooru.png
Main article: Town of Nabooru

Nabooru, the fifth town, is found shortly after reaching Eastern Hyrule via the Raft. If Link can help a Thirsty Lady, he is awarded the Fire Spell.


Main article: Seashore

The Seashore is an uninhabited region hinted at in the Hidden Town of Kasuto that lies directly east of Three Eye Rock. Along the shore, Link stumbles across the fourth and final Heart Container.

Three Eye Rock

Three Eye Rock 2.png
Main article: Three Eye Rock

Three Eye Rock is a geographical feature in the far south of Eastern Hyrule. When Link plays the Flute in the middle of the rock formation, the Three-Eye Rock Palace materializes.

Valley of Death

Valley of Death.png
Main article: Valley of Death

The King of Hyrule did not intend to give the Triforce of Courage to just anyone, and the Valley of Death became the crucible for which contenders for the relic were tested. Link must navigate this most arduous challenge yet in order to reach the Great Palace.


Parapa Palace

Main article: Parapa Palace

Parapa Palace is the first dungeon in The Adventure of Link, located in the Parapa Desert northeast of the North Palace and the Town of Rauru. Within the Palace, Link finds the Candle. The Boss of Parapa Palace is Mazura. As with each of the other Palaces, Link places one of the Crystals in a statue.

Midoro Palace

Main article: Midoro Palace

The Midoro Palace is located in the Midoro Swamp, an area over the mountains south of Rauru. Inside, Link uncovers the Handy Glove, an item that allows him to break blocks with his sword. At the end of the palace awaits Jermafenser, the second boss in Link's quest. Again victorious, Link places another Crystal.

Island Palace

Main article: Island Palace

Upon acquiring the Fairy spell and locating the secret cave south of King's Tomb, Link gains access to the Island Palace. Exploration yields the Raft, necessary to travel from Western Hyrule to Eastern Hyrule. The Palace's statue is guarded by the fearsome Rebonack, a mounted Blue Iron Knuckle. Victory permits the placement of the third Crystal.

Maze Island Palace

Main article: Maze Island Palace

After using the raft to pass to Eastern Hyrule, Link locates the aptly named Maze Island Palace on Maze Island. After facing the perils within, Link finds the Boots, and faces Carock, the master Wizard, who can only be defeated by utilizing the Reflect Spell obtained in the Mountain Town of Darunia. Using the spell will allow Link to turn the fiend's own attacks against him. After Carock's defeat, Link can place the fourth Crystal.

Palace on the Sea

Main article: Palace on the Sea

With the Boots, Link is able to traverse over water and reach the Palace on the Sea. His greatest challenge yet, this palace is a true maze, and The Adventure of Link's largest dungeon. Behind a false wall rests the Flute, an important instrument needed to destroy the River Devil and force the Three-Eye Rock Palace to materialize. The palace's boss is Gooma, a monstrous brute wielding a ball and chain. His defeat will permit the placement of the penultimate Crystal.

Three-Eye Rock Palace

Main article: Three-Eye Rock Palace

When Link plays the Flute while standing in the middle of Three Eye Rock, the Three-Eye Rock Palace appears. In order to proceed beyond the first rooms of the dungeon, Link must have retrieved the Magic Key from the Hidden Town of Kasuto. The Cross, an essential item needed to see the invisible Moas in the Valley of Death is found within, defended by a reincarnation of Rebonack, as was encountered in the Island Palace. After using the Fairy spell to access a passage while falling down a pit, Link must face Barba, a fire-breathing dragon that rises from pools of lava. Defeating the beast allows Link to place the final Crystal.

Great Palace

Main article: Great Palace

Once the six crystals have been placed, Link must make his way through the treacherous Valley of Death to the Great Palace, resting place of the Triforce of Courage. By far his most difficult challenge, Link must battle the toughest monsters through the giant corridors, culminating with a confrontation first with Thunderbird, then a battle with his own Shadow. With the final challenge complete, Link is awarded the Triforce of Courage and returns to the North Palace to awaken Princess Zelda.