Maze Island Palace

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Maze Island Palace is the fourth dungeon in The Adventure of Link. This palace is located on the Maze Island in the far northeast of Eastern Hyrule. Within the dungeon, Link will find the Boots, which allows Link to walk over certain water tiles in the Overworld and reach the Palace on the Sea. The Palace's boss is the giant Wizard Carock.



Main article: Carock

Depending on whether Link successfully rescued the Kidnapped Child and received the Reflect Spell in the Darunia, Carock, the palace boss, is either remarkably easy or literally impossible to defeat. Like other Wizards, he is only susceptible to his own magic.


Main article: Boots
AOL Boots.png

The Boots allow Link to traverse over water in specific parts of the overworld. They are necessary to reach the Palace on the Sea and the third Heart Container.