Palace on the Sea

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The Palace on the Sea, also known as the Ocean Palace and Water Palace, is the fifth dungeon in The Adventure of Link. Outside of the Great Palace, the Palace on the Sea is the largest and most complex, requiring Link to keep track of a number of floor changes and a secret passage that must be found to locate the essential Flute.

The dungeon is located on a tiny island, due east of Nabooru. It is reachable only after obtaining the Boots from the Maze Island Palace. An abundance of Point Bags as well as tough foes including Blue Iron Knuckles and Magos ensures this is a rewarding area for experience.


The Palace on the Sea possesses the largest variety of enemy types in Link's quest.


Main article: Gooma

The boss of the Palace on the Sea, Gooma, only appears in the US release of the game. In the original Japanese release, Jermafenser is encountered once again. Gooma attacks by swinging a giant ball and chain, which hurls Link across the chamber should he fail to dodge. The menacing boss also wears a spiked helmet, which prevents Link from utilizing Downward Thrust.


Main article: Flute
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Like many of the items Link finds on his quest, the Flute is used in a handful of important situations: scaring away the River Devil who blocks the way south into the final region of the game, and to reveal the Three-Eye Rock Palace.