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Artwork of Guma from The Adventure of Link




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Guma, also known as Doomraddle or Mace Thrower, is an enemy that appears in The Adventure of Link. It was never given an official name in English.

Gumas are enemies that resemble giant bulls that wield chain hammers as their weapon. They can be found in Parapa Palace, Midoro Palace, and Palace on the Sea, where they attack by throwing an endless supply of hammers into the air in an arc. They will never stop throwing the hammers, but try to get underneath the arc of their attacks because this is Link's only chance to get close to attack them.

Pay attention to their throwing patterns. When they jump, an opening will appear. Go immediately through that opening and slash them. Link earns 50 experience points for defeating the Guma.

Guma-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 50
Item Drop Red Magic Jar or 200 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Parapa Palace
Midoro Palace
Palace on the Sea
Combat Data