Point Bag

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Point Bag

The Point Bag, also known as Treasure Bag or P Bag, is a collectible item that holds anywhere from 50 to 500 experience points.[1] Point Bags are sometimes dropped by each sixth enemy Link defeats instead of a Magic Jar. They are also scattered across Hyrule on the Overworld, in caves, and Dungeons. About one in ten enemies that would normally drop a Blue Magic Jar instead drop a Point Bag worth 50 experience while those that normally drop a Red Magic Jar randomly drop a bag worth 200 experience points at a rate of one in two. A number of enemies will never drop Magic Jars or Point Bags including Wosu, Mau and Bubbles. A few bags worth 500 points exist, but must be found.

Drop Table

Drops Enemies
50 Point Bag Ache (Blue), Acheman, Bago-Bago, Bago-Bago (Red), Bit, Bot, Deeler (Red), Deeler (Blue), Geldarm, Girubokku, Goriya (Orange), Goriya (Red), Goriya (Blue), Leever, Lowder, Megmat, Moa (Red), Moa (Blue), Moblin (Orange Charging), Moblin (Orange), Moblin (Red), Moblin (Blue), Myu, Octorok (Red), Octorok (Blue), Rope (Blue), Rope (Red)
200 Point Bag Armored Stalfos (Red), Armored Stalfos (Blue), Basilisk, Daira (Orange), Daira (Red), Doomknocker, Lizalfos (Orange), Mago, Moa (Fire), Stalfos (Red), Stalfos (Blue), Tektite, Wizard
Drops Nothing Ache(Purple), Bubble, Bubble (Great Palace), Fokka (Red), Fokka (Blue), Fokkeru, Giant Bot, King Bubble, Lizalfos (Red), Lizalfos (Rock-Throwing), Lizalfos (Blue), Mau, Moa(Purple), Moby, Ra, Wosu


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