Midoro Palace

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Midoro Palace






Placement of one of the Crystals



Midoro Palace, also known as the Swamp Palace, is the second dungeon in The Adventure of Link and is located in the Midoro Swamp. Inside, Link discovers the Handy Glove, an item necessary to break stone blocks, and Jermafenser, the palace's boss. Upon completion, Link places one of the six Crystals, a necessary step to enter the Great Palace.



Main article: Jermafenser

The encounter with Jermafenser is similar to that with Mazura, with its weak point above the shoulders but the former provinces a new challenge: as Link strikes Jermafenser, his helmets will at first fall to the floor, then hover above the battle and shoot fireballs, not dissimilar to the battle with Gleeok in The Legend of Zelda.

Handy Glove

Main article: Handy Glove
AOL Handy Glove.png

While the Handy Glove provides no benefit to Link's fighting prowess, it does allow him to break stone blocks, a necessary ability to open the way forward and reach items in subsequent dungeons such as Small Keys, and Point Bags.