Three-Eye Rock Palace

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The Three-Eye Rock Palace, also known as the Hidden Palace, is the sixth dungeon in The Adventure of Link. Without any Small Keys in the dungeon, Link needs to have the Magical Key to open all the locked doors in the dungeon. The dungeon contains fake floors that Link has to avoid. The dungeon is constructed from purple bricks. Link finds the Cross here and the boss is Barba.



Main article: Barba

The dragon-like Barba stands between Link and placing the final Crystal. Barba attacks by rising from one of the four lava pools in his chamber and fires a stream of fire in Link's direction. Activating the Reflect Spell will allow Link to block the attack directly. The boss' only weak point, like many others, is his head.


Main article: Cross
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The Cross reveals invisible Moas that infest the ruined Kasuto town and the Valley of Death. While an optional item, Link's quest becomes substantially more difficult without it. The Cross is guarded by a Rebonack identical to the one faced at the end of the Island Palace, though this encounter is much less harrowing than the first due to Link's increased power.