Fairy Spell

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Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell.png
Official artwork of Link in fairy form




80 MP, reduces with level-ups, see § Spell Cost


Transforming Link into a Fairy until he exits the screen




The Fairy Spell is one of the eight spells in The Adventure of Link.

The Adventure of Link

When activated, Link transforms into a Fairy. While in Fairy form, Link gains the power of flight, which is required to traverse a handful of locations in the game including the cave leading to the Island Palace, Palace on the Sea, and Three-Eye Rock Palace. As an additional effect, Link has the ability to pass through locked doors in palaces without a key.

Obtaining the Spell

Link meets an old woman in the Harbor Town of Mido who has a sick daughter. In order to heal her, Link must find the Water of Life, which is located in a cave blocked by a boulder north of the Water Town of Saria. The Hammer is required to enter.

Spell Cost

Link's Magic Level determines how much the spell costs.

Magic Level Spell Cost Magic Container Cost
1 80 5
2 80 5
3 60 3.75
4 60 3.75
5 40 2.5
6 40 2.5
7 40 2.5
8 40 2.5