13.1 Rescuing the Carpenters

~ The Broken Bridge ~

Hyrule Field Our next destination is the desert, due west. The area is pretty easy to find in Hyrule Field, although its kinda far. Use Epona if you have her to make the trip faster.

Gerudo Valley The Gerudo across the way have since broken the bridge to keep people out.

To get across, you can either run at it with Epona, or Longshot either the pieces of the bridge hanging down the ledge, or the target directly above each side.

Talk to the ugly laughing guy, (“the boss,”) and he’ll inform you the Gerudo women broke the bridge and his construction workers ran off to their fortress for who knows what reason…

He’ll fix the bridge for you if you can get his workers back. Don’t really need it anyway, but okay.

There are two Skulltulas we can get in the area real quick, play the Sun’s Song to make it night. The first is just directly behind the tent. The other is near the top of an arch sticking out of the rock face, on the south side. Just follow your ears and you’ll find it.

When you’re ready, continue on to the fortress (west).

~ The Four Carpenters ~

Getting Captured… You’ll witness a short scene surveying the area, after which you’ll be free to roam around. As soon as one of the female guards sees you, you’ll be captured and thrown into a cell with no escape. Crud.

Fortunately, they didn’t take any of your items, etc. Use the Longshot to hook onto the wooden overhang in the window, then jump down onto the platform on the left.

First Carpenter – Ichiro

Once you get out, use either your Longshot or Fairy Bow to stun the guard closest. Jump down and enter the door directly next to you.

Round the corner and speak with the guy in the cell. He explains that he and his fellow carpenters were on a booty call (trying to pick up hot Gerudo chicks…) and ended up being thrown in prison instead. They’ll help fix the bridge if you get them out.

You’ll be interrupted by the first Gerudo Thief, a new enemy that doesn’t throw you in prison as soon as they see you. This one has to fight you first. Use your shield a lot and get far away if it looks like she’s “charging up” because her jump attack goes straight through your defenses and knocks you out.

After a good nine hits, she’ll disappear and leave a Small Key behind. Use it on the cell and Ichiro will give you his thanks. Three left.

Second Carpenter – Jiro

Proceed through the next opening to find yourself back outside. Enter the next door.

This room is actually a hub to many of the other doors outside. To get to most of them though, you’ll have to tackle several guards. If you wish to be risky, you can go forward and knock out the guards with arrows, or turn right as soon as you can and come out the opening.

Back outside (assuming you took the non-guard littered path), Z target around the corner and once the guard is turned away, inch out and shoot her with an arrow. Jump up the small ledge and enter the doorway.

In this room, approach the cell and once again, you’ll have to battle a Gerudo Thief. After you defeat her, open the cell and free the dude. After the carpenter runs off, continue on through the next opening. Two left to go!

Third Carpenter – Sabooro

You’ll appear back outside next to another opening. Rather than going in that one, notice that there are vines leading down nearby. Climb down them and enter the only door on this level.

Inside, talk to the worker in the cell, slay the Gerudo Thief and release the dude. Just one left! Rather than going out the other exit, go back the way you came…

Fourth Carpenter – Shiro

Back on that area with the two doors and the vines, go in the door on the left we ignored earlier.

Inside, you’ll find yourself in that room I was talking about earlier with all the guards below. They can’t see you atop this ledge. Use the Longshot to get to the other side of the room by hooking onto the rafters above the other ledge. Go through the opening.

Back outside, there’s a little ledge right next to you that you can climb up. Ignore that for now and turn the opposite way. Jump down into the little area with the door that has no other means of accessing it. Who in their right mind would put a room up here?!

Inside, stand behind the crate and shoot the guard once she shows herself. Run around the corner and speak with the last carpenter, then you will have to fight the final Gerudo Thief. Shiro tells you a secret he overheard before he runs off:

Gerudo Membership Card After rescuing all four carpenters, the leader of the fortress will appear and explain that all men are worthless… except for “The Great Ganondorf” and now… yourself! You’re obviously skilled to have rescued all the carpenters and gotten past her guards.

She explains that Nabooru, second in command after Ganondorf himself, placed her in charge of the fortress. Thus, because you’re so talented, you can become part of their all female thieves guild.

13.2 Gerudo Goodies

~ Two Goodies Up High ~

Now that we can go everywhere, it’s time to get some goodies. Play the Sun’s Song to make it night, then work your way to the top of the area. Once again, you can do so through that room with all the guards.

After coming out this exit, climb onto the little ledge, follow it till the end then jump onto the roof to your right. Go around the bend and climb up the vines. Follow the highest roof till the end. If it’s night, you should see a Gold Skulltula directly below you on the wall. Snag it with your Longshot.

Next, you’ll see a chest in the distance. If you have the Longshot, you can just use that. Otherwise, you can play the Scarecrow’s Song to make Pierre appear on the otherside. Open the large chest to find a Heart Piece.

~ Horseback Archery Range ~

Next, jump down and play Epona’s Song to summon your horse and ride her to the back area with the huge shooting range. Talk to the woman in white straight ahead to play a little mini-game.

Horseback Archery You have to be riding Epona while talking to her in order to play. Once you start, Epona will move on her own, leaving you free to fire your bow and look around.

I suggest taking care of the jars first. Just hold still and worry about timing. Quickly turn to the left and shoot the big target once or twice.

Wait to turn around, then shoot the three big targets against the wall. Try to aim as close to the center as possible. One trick you can do is align yourself vertically with one as best as possible, then just keep shooting and slowly easing the analog stick left.

Use up all your arrows at the end. Getting one or two good ones isn’t going to be as good as seven pathetic ones…

The game isn’t that hard once you get used to it. The jars are the easiest part once you get the timing down, which gives you a good 700 right off the bat. The second half can be pretty hard, but after a few tries, you should be able to get it. Anyway, for 1000+ you get a Piece of a Heart and 1500+ after that gets you the Biggest Quiver.

Play the Sun’s Song to make it night and head to the far big target all by its lonesome where a Gold Skulltula awaits you.

13.3 Crossing the Desert

~ Haunted Wasteland ~

Gerudo Fortress With all that, we’re ready to tackle the desert. Before you go, there’s the optional side quest known as the Gerudo Training Grounds. It’s a little mini-dungeon that’s totally optional, but has a fun prize.

The tricky thing about it is that you need all the items from all of the dungeons in order to get all the keys. There are nine total keys, but you only need seven to complete the dungeon, if you know what to do… If you’d like to tackle it early, pay our Ice Arrow Guide section a visit. I’m going to cover it in the walkthrough in the next chapter when we have all the items required.

On that note, head for the north part of the Fortress (the giant gate), and climb up the ladder on the right side. At the top, speak with the woman wearing white (and very pink shoes!) to be forewarned of the two trials in the desert ahead. She’ll clap to open the gate (wish I could do that…) and bid you goodbye. Hop on down and go through.

Haunted Wasteland As soon as you enter the area, you’ll see… well… that it’s hard to see at all… Run forward and jump atop the box. You’re immediately confronted by a giant pit of quick sand. You’ll immediately lose health and start the area again if you touch it.

Use your Longshot on the boxes on the other side to get across.

Next, follow the flags like the Gerudo back at the fortress told you to. You’ll come to a sign shortly that points off towards a dock. If you follow it, you’ll find a dude riding a magic carpet selling Bombchus, which honestly you don’t need. Should you decide to undertake the endeavor, I suggest using the Hover Boots to get to and fro. Buy some if you like *chuckles* and head back to the path.

Just keep following the flags, one after the other. Don’t stray, or you’ll start the area over again. Yikes.

Once you get to the end, you’ll find a nice stone building. Jump down inside. Ahh, away from the sand. Kill the Skulltula that’s just waiting for you and snag its token. You can light the torches with either Din’s Fire or Fire Arrows, but the reward is a measly 50 Rupees. Smash the jars and go back up.

Get on top of the stone building by way of the ramp along the side. Check out the stone.

Use the Lens of Truth at the top of the stone building to find a Big Poe that will offer to guide you the rest of the way through the Wasteland. Follow the Poe along its windy pathway through the poles at the end of the desert. With a full magic bar, you should be able to easily make it through while keeping the Lens of Truth on the entire time.

~ Requiem of Spirit ~

Desert Colossus Ahh, that feels good to be able to see again, doesn’t it? There are actually a few things we can get in this area, but before we do, go ahead and enter the temple straight ahead, avoiding the annoying Leevers as you go. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it. =D

Spirit Temple Once inside, quickly be prepared to shield against the killer jars right in front of you. Upon further exploration, you’ll quickly find that you can’t do anything… In this entry room you’ll find two Armos statues, a hole we can’t crawl through on the left and a giant block we can’t push on the right.

There’s a hole in the ceiling, but you can’t do anything with that at the moment either… Check out the two snake-like statues on either side of the bottom level.

Hmmm… So we need to crawl through the hole as a child… Go back outside.

Desert Colossus Sheik will jump off the ledge above and tell you more poetry about using the Ocarina of Time to return here as a child. She’ll then offer you our next song, allowing you to teleport directly here (because you can’t go through the Gerudo area as a child).

Again, she avoids letting Link get too close. What is she hiding anyway…? Hmm… In any case, use the Prelude of Light to get to the Temple of Time, put the Master Sword back to become a child again.

~ Goodies In The Desert Colossus ~

Soft Soil Our next objective is to venture into the temple in our youth. However, before doing that, there’s a ton of stuff we can get, including a Piece of Heart that requires us to go back in forth in time a bit. You can get it while in the midst of the temple, but to ensure that the most amount of people see this, I am placing it here. Join me for the next two paragraphs and I’ll show you how to get it right now, otherwise, you can snag it while passing through during the temple. First off, we’ll need a Magic Bean (from the Salesman near the entrance to Zora’s river) and a bottle full of bugs (a good place to get them is the entrance to the Graveyard in Kakariko Village).

Teleport to the Desert Colossus as a child and run towards the temple. The Leevers are as big as you are now! There’s a soft patch of soil near the entrance to the Spirit Temple. Use the bugs on it and snag the Skullutla that pops out, then plant a Magic Bean.

Magic Bean Plant Return here as an adult and ride the Magic Bean Plant. You’ll have to do this twice, but you’ll be able to get a Skulltula (night only) on one of the platforms you pass by, and a Piece of a Heart near the entrance to the Spirit Temple itself.

Nayru’s Love Next, head on over to the north part of the area, kinda near the entrance to the Colossus, where there are two trees by their lonesome against the wall (that has a pixilated crack in it). Lay a Bomb to blow it open.

Head inside to find another Fairy Fountain. Play Zelda’s Lullaby as usual on the Triforce ahead to summon the third and final Great Fairy of Magic. After the usual chit-chat, she will give you Nayru’s Love. This will act a shield against attacks and will protect Link for a little less than a minute. It does consume magic however, so be wise when using it.

Fairy Oasis Lastly, head to the south part of the area where you’ll find a dried up oasis. Jump on top of the rock so the Leevers will leave you alone, then play the Song of Storms. This will slowly fill up the Oasis and, once full, will continually make red fairies appear.

Stock up on them, then play the Sun’s Song to make it night. In the tree next to the Oasis, a Skulltula awaits you. Snag it, then at long last, become a child again and return to the Spirit Temple.

13.4 Spirit Temple

~ Past: Crawling Through The Hole ~

Entry Room As you enter, shield against the floating jars directly ahead. Go up the stairs and ignore the Armos. Head left to the hole and… oh… Speak with the pretty Gerudo woman in the way and she’ll turn to you.

Before introducing herself, she’ll ask a few questions. First tell her that you’re “not doing anything.” The second answer doesn’t matter which one you choose. She’ll decide a “kid like you” could never be one of Ganondorf’s followers, then explain that the Gerudo race is made up only of women. A single male is born every hundred years and, by law, becomes their king.

She hates Ganondorf though, and since you’re on the same side, so…

Say yes, obviously. She goes on to explain that the Silver Gauntlets won’t fit a kid like you, so be good and bring them back to her. I have this strange feeling we’ll be the ones using them after all. =D

She also mentions that she’ll “do something great for you” if you bring them back… What do you think she has in mind? 😉 Anyway, after she’s done talking, she’ll move out of the way. Crawl on through, leaving Nabooru behind.

~ Past: First Small Key ~

Main Corridor Throughout this temple, you’ll fight many fire enemies, such as Fire Keese and a new enemy called Anubis. That being said, equip your Hylian Shield so you don’t lose the other one.

This room has two Spike Traps, two Fire Keese, two regular Keese and an Armos. Kill the flying enemies first to make things easier, then lay a bomb on the final guy. Remember, you can use your Boomerang to stun him too.

Both doors will open, and even though it points you towards the one on the right… enter the left door.

Stalfos Room Ahh! A Stalfos! Just when you were getting used to these guys too… They’re quite a bit harder as a child, seeing as they’re harder to avoid and you do much less damage. Just slash away and be prepared to dodge if he does a jump attack. If you can manage it, make him walk over the abyss to kill him instantly!

Next, we have to kill this giant Green Bubble. I suggest using the Boomerang to stun it (it’ll do it instantly, regardless of flames) then finish it off with your Fairy Slingshot.

To make the bridge drop across the gap, we have to hit the crystal switch on the other side of it. Go in the next door.

First Anubis Room In this room, we face off with a new enemy: an Anubis. These things copy your every move, but will shoot a fire ball at you should you use a weapon. Also, they’re only vulnerable to fire.

The crystal switch on your right will start a flame next to the other door. Simply maneuver to the other side of the room, position yourself so the Anubis is floating right next to the door, then shoot the crystal switch with the Slingshot. Alternatively, you can just get up close to it and use Din’s Fire.

Bam! Get back to the other side of the room and go through the door.

Keese Room As you enter the room, Navi will announce the presence of a Wallmaster. Run forward and quickly slay the lone Fire Keese on this side of the grating, then kill the Wallmaster.

Once both are defeated, you should kill the Keese on the other side of the fence using your Slingshot and Z targeting.

Next, we have to collect the five Silver Rupees. I suggest getting the ones on the fence first; just avoid touching the Gold Skulltula, it can still hurt you (what?!). Grab the final Rupee near the torch in the corner to make a bridge.

A few Keese will likely come at you now, so kill them one at a time, then head out and kill the remaining ones with your Slingshot.

Finally, go grab some fire from the torch using a Deku Stick and return to the other side of the bridge, lighting to the two unlit torches (alternatively you can use Din’s Fire). A small chest appears back in the other area containing a Small Key. Enter the last door.

~ Past: Second Small Key ~

Main Corridor You should be back in the room with the lone Spike Trap, right after we left Nabooru. With Small Key in hand, crawl through the small hole in the north wall, which leads to a small area with a locked door. Go through.

Bombchu Puzzle Here, turn right and kill the two Skullwalltulas on the climbable wall. After they’re gone, climb up. Before we venture further in the room, turn around and snag the Gold Skulltula that’s waiting patiently directly behind where you climbed.

There are two Lizalfos in this room that appear when you walk in certain spots in the room. Wander around until one appears and kill them both.

Now that we have no enemies to worry about, we need Bombchus to complete this puzzle. If you don’t have any or are low, (unlikely since never needed them before now,) simply shoot the crystal switch atop the tiered ledge on the south side of the room to make a small chest appear containing the critters.

Now, there’s a sun face in the middle of the floor. We have to get sunlight on it to open the next door. The cracked wall has sunlight peeking through it and is just begging to be blown up. Line yourself up and Z target it, then let loose a Bombchu.

Boom! Head through the door.

Colossus Room In this room, the most notable thing is of course the giant snake-woman statue against one wall, very similar to the one that makes up the exterior of the temple itself. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do in the room at the moment.

Directly below you is a switch that opens the door above. It needs to be held down though, so push the Armos statue off onto it. Climb up the stairs and go through the door. Round the red stairs here and enter the next door as well.

Sun Face Room The first step is to kill the three Beamos with Bombs. Just be careful about the Spike Trap as you get to the other side.

Once they’re out of the way, it’s time to collect the five Silver Rupees. Each of the platform walls have little niches (where the Beamos sat) that you can climb up.

There’s one Silver Rupee along the south wall, two in the center (one you have to jump to), and two along the north wall.

Getting them all causes the golden torch to light. Obviously we have to light all the torches, which is pretty easy. Going clockwise is easiest in my opinion. Climb up to the small chest that appears to get a Small Key.

At long last, pull the blocks in the center of the room out of the way and bring the one with the Sun Face underneath the sunlight to open the door on the far side of the room.

~ Past: Getting The Silver Gauntlets ~

Corridor 2 Here, there’s only a set of stairs… but wait… Turn around and snag the Gold Skulltula. Head through the next door.

First Iron Knuckle Room In this room there’s only one thing to do. Smack the statue sitting on the throne with any weapon to wake it up. This enemy can be particularly hard the first time because the range of your sword is so short.

If you lure him close to one of the pillars or the throne, he’ll smash it open, revealing three recovery hearts that you can easily get by simply rolling past him. Keep this in mind throughout the battle. The trick to hurting him is to make him attack, jump back, then stab him quickly while he’s stunned.

Once he’s defeated, go through the open door and into the sunlight.

Desert Colossus – Right Hand As soon as you walk outside… oh no… Kaepora Gaebora is out here (the owl) and he has some advice for you concerning the upcoming boss…

After he leaves, open the chest to get, ta-da, the Silver Gauntlets! You’ll immediately witness a short movie in which Nabooru is abducted by the Twinrova sisters. Lame.

Once that’s done, go ahead and play the Prelude of Light to return to the Temple of Time and become an adult again, then return here and enter the temple once more.

~ Future: Getting The Compass ~

Entry Once again, rush forward and be prepared to shield against the killer jars. Head up the steps and at long last, head over to the giant silver block on the right. Push it all the way until it falls into the hole.

In this new section you’ve revealed, there’s a Beamos and a Spike Trap, but they can both be ignored.

Use your Longshot or Bow to hit the crystal switch hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room to unlock both doors. Enter the left one first.

Compass Room In this small room, head forward and kill the Wolfos that appears. After its dead, stand on the Triforce symbol on the floor and play Zelda’s Lullaby to make a large chest appear. Longshot to it and open it to find the Compass. Jump down into the sandy area, climb up and back out the door. Now, enter the opposite door (right).

~ Future: Third Small Key ~

Rolling Boulder Room This room has three boulders rolling on a bowled, rectangle shaped room. We need to snag the five Silver Rupees. There are two each in the cubbies on both sides, then one in the middle in mid air.

To get that last one, simply climb up, then use the Hover Boots to get a run at it. Alternatively, you can jump and then press B to do a mid air jump attack, giving you a little bit of a boost. You could also time it so a boulder hits you. =P

This will open the door across the way. Real quick however, go up to the Time Block and play the Song of Time to move it over an alcove. Snag the Gold Skulltula inside.

Small Key Room The room simply contains a small chest. Wait! In a second a Like Like falls from the ceiling, so kill it, then open the chest to get a Small Key. Return to the room before the previous one and enter the locked door.

~ Future: Dungeon Map & Fourth Small Key ~

Trap Room As my title would suggest, this room is filled with traps. The first two of which are another Like Like that falls from the ceiling, and the two attacking jars (containing hearts) on the right. After you’ve bested them, climb up the grooved wall at the end.

You should be able to tell by the sounds, but there’s a Floormaster in this room (I hate these things). This particular one is invisible, so whip out your Lens of Truth and kill it. After that, you can quickly turn off the Lens and charge up a Spin Attack to take out the little ones all at once.

Once they’re all defeated, grab hold of the mirror and start moving it around the room, lighting up the Sun Faces.

So basically, none of the goodies are really worth it. Once the door is open, go on through.

Colossus Room

Welcome back to the giant room again. Avoid the Armos here, as this one’s alive. First off, I want to mention that directly above you is a target for you to Longshot to, should you end up down below.

Go to the top of this set of stairs and take a look at the Colossus’s left hand (closest one). You’ll see it has a Triforce symbol on it. Jump to it (you can use the Hover Boots if you like, but you can easily make it otherwise too). Once you land there, play Zelda’s Lullaby. This makes two chests appear…

The first chest is in the northeast corner. Longshot up to the torch (or jump down and Longshot the target) to get back up to where you were before. Now look at the northeast corner. Longshot to the small chest that’s here, then use the Megaton Hammer on the rusty switch. This opens the barred door in the middle of the room.

Now that that’s out of the way, work your way to the opposite hand. You can do so by jumping down onto the Triforce hand and using the Longshot on the small chest, or climb up the opposite side and jump onto the hand. Either way, open the small chest for a Small Key.

Use the Longshot back up to the top of the west side (where you came here as a child). From here, look at the northwest corner this time, where you’ll see a Gold Skulltula we can’t reach. Navi turns green though, so play the Scarecrow’s Song to make Pierre appear, then Longshot over and claim the token. Just one more to go!!!

Next, jump down and head to the middle of the room. Use either Din’s Fire or Fire Arrows to light both torches, then open the large chest that appears to get the Dungeon Map. Turn around now and head through the door that was barred before.

Shortcut Room Work your way through this small room pushing the giant silver blocks into the holes, then smash the rusty switch at the end to make an elevator go up and down to the entrance room. Nifty shortcut. Head back to the previous room.

Colossus Room

Head to that side you appeared on (with the real Armos). Work your way to the top and enter the locked door.

~ Future: Getting The Mirror Shield ~

Beamos Corridor This set of stairs is guarded by a lone Beamos. You can blow it up if you like, or just run past.

Second Anubis Room This puzzle is a little more complicated than the last Anubis trick you had to perform. First off, throw a Bomb at the Beamos nearby to get it out of the way.

Next, head over to the pit on the right side of the room and you’ll see Navi will fly over to it and turn green. Play the Song of Time to make a Time Block appear.

Now, there are three Anubis in this room and the switch makes a fire directly behind you. The three can be killed at the following locations: On the time block, near the locked door, near the door you entered from.

To make it easy: Start the fire and follow the wall clockwise around the room to kill all three at once! Alternatively, you can always use Din’s Fire or the Fire Arrows. Go through the newly opened door.

Armos Switch Puzzle Room

We can’t tackle the left side of the room yet, so ignore it. The switch in the middle of the room opens the barred door to the right, but it has to be held down…

The four Armos that surround it could be useful. Stand near the barred door, then use the Fairy Bow or Longshot to smack one of the Armos on the opposite side. Lure them to jump on the switch. Head through the door quickly, while it’s caught on it.

Second Iron Knuckle Room Head up the stairs and into the room. It’s another armed soldier! Don’t worry, now that you’re an adult again, you do more damage and have more range. You can easily defeat him in just a few strikes, especially if you have the Biggoron’s Sword.

After you make mince pie out of him, the door behind the throne will open. Step through and into the light.

Desert Colossus – Left Hand As soon as you walk forward, a large chest thumps down. Open it to get the Mirror Shield. Press Start and head to the Equipment sub screen to try out our new toy.

Remember, you’ll have to switch back to the Hylian Shield if you want to reflect regular physical attacks like an Octorok’s projectiles… With that in hand, return to the room with the four Armos.

~ Future: Getting The Boss Key ~

Armos Switch Puzzle Room This time, head over to the door on the opposite side of the room. Equip the Mirror Shield and use it to reflect the sunlight onto the Sun Face. Enter the door.

Inside, snag the Small Key. You’re so expecting a trap, right? Too bad, there isn’t one! Go back to the previous room and back to the Anubis room. Enter the locked door.

Moving Trap Wall

I’d just like to point out…: Who in their right mind would build a temple to their goddess and have some kind of terrible trap like this one in it?! Anyway… Kill the two Beamos first, then shoot the Skullwalltula.

Longshot to the middle, unmoving portion of the wall. Saves you a bit of time. =)(If you are really good at aiming, you can longshot all the way to the top wall) Remember, you can only climb when it’s NOT MOVING.

The best way is to get up so your lower hand is just barely over the edge while the top one is actually gripping the wall that’s moving directly above you…

Wait until the wall is heading your direction, then make a run for it. Just hold up on the analog stick all the way and you should make it to the next chunk just fine.

At the top, you can turn around and Longshot atop the platform for some recovery hearts if you need them. Kill the two Beamos if you wish, then head through the door.

Triforce Corridor

In this small room, play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce symbol on the floor to open the barred door straight ahead.

Boss Key Room First off, kill all the Fire Slugs. After that’s done, lay a Bomb next to the fake door directly to the left of the flaming chest.

This will reveal a gold eye switch. Shoot it with your arrow to make another icy platform appear above.

Longshot atop the first platform, jump to the second and stand on the switch to stop the flames for a short time. Jump down and open the fancy chest for the Boss Key!

Return to the previous room and enter the plain door on the right.

~ Future: Getting To The Boss Room ~

Mirror Puzzle

This section of the room is filled with killer jars that fly at you, which you’ll notice as soon as you enter. Try to avoid getting harmed by the ceramics, then smack the crystal switch on the other side of the bars to unlock the nearby door.

On the other side, run forward and you’ll immediately be confronted by a Lizalfos. Dice him up, then use the sunlight shining in here to light up the Sun Face above the next arch. Open the small chest that appears for some Bombs. Foreshadowing!

In the next area, kill all the White Bubbles. What are they doing anyway? I guess they’re dancing or something… The Bow might be a good way to dispose of them so they don’t suddenly run into you due to their abrupt movements.

Notice, according to your map, there should be another room to the west. Blow up that odd looking wall with a Bomb to reveal the other room.

Now, to mess with the mirrors: Grab the first one and point it through the secret opening into the darkly lit room. Now turn the second one so it shines the light through the bars and onto the final, round mirror. Go back through the door.

Jump down into the lower area and defend against the killer jars. Now the light should be reflecting off the mirror above you, so use your Mirror Shield to shine it onto the nearby Sun Face. This will lower your platform down…

Colossus Room We back in the room with the giant statue! They don’t specifically tell you what to do here, but it’s pretty obvious. Reflect the light onto the statue’s head to make it crumble into a bazillion pieces. It’s easiest to simply hold Z and R to do so.

Well that was a cool little scene. Use your Longshot on the bars across the way, which will then move to allow you access. You’ll probably need some fairies for this fight. Once you’re ready, enter the Boss Door.

Almost Boss Room… As soon as you enter, you’ll witness a short scene with Koume and Kotake, huddled around a familiar foe. They disappear after sending the Iron Knuckle after you. This one looks slightly different than the last two though, and even Navi thinks something is a little weird…

Smack it to pieces like you did the last one and the armor will fall off dramatically revealing… A girl! Nabooru will plop out and, apparently, not know what happened. The Twinrova Sisters will once again make an appearance to snatch her away, then disappear.

Let’s go rescue her, again, shall we? Enter the final door.

Boss Room At long last, we’re in the giant, open room. Climb up any of the corners and stand in the middle of the big platform to start the battle.

Sorceress Sisters, Twinrova

For the first phase of the battle, the sisters will circle around the room, pausing every once in a while and taking turns shooting their magical beams of opposite types at you.

Their attacks are slow beams that can easily be avoided by continually moving, but they still have a very wide area of effect. Each beam does about two hearts of damage, but afterwards, they leave a wide area where the beam hit that will damage you if you touch it. The Ice one freezes you for awhile, but doesn’t do too much damage, while the fire one hurts you A LOT if you stay there (roll if you are on fire to make it stop). Together, they’re a formidable foe that can easily kill you in just three hits!

Logically, you’ve probably already figured out, (Navi confirms it,) you need to use your Mirror Shield to reflect their attacks at the opposing sister. I suggest waiting on the opposite side of the room from wherever they’re currently at. At this point, you can either Z target one of them, or just hold in R without targeting. Regardless, face the one who’s about to shoot. As the beam is coming towards you, quickly point your shield (or switch targets) to the opposing sister. If you’re close enough (you can move while targeting, just make sure you stay within the beam) this will cause damage.

After a several good hits to either sister, (or you take too long,) it will show a little scene in which they combine to form Twinrova. In this new, singular form, the attacks differ slightly. Each beam will power up your shield instead and gathering an opposing element will make your shield burst energy on you. As a result, as soon as you see her shoot an element (fire when you’re using ice for example) jump out of the way.

Once you’ve collected three of either element, your shield will start releasing the energy. Run towards her and point it towards her (either by turning left or using R). If you’re close enough, and in time, she’ll fall down onto one of the four platforms. Jump over and start slashing her to bits. You can also use B in mid air to do a jump attack when you’re first going over, but it’s tricky. Repeat this process several times to defeat Twinrova.

After they’ve been defeated, you’ll witness an amusing scene in which the two sisters bicker with one another about pointless matters before disappearing. The last message you see as they go away is “I’ll come back to haunt you!” Foreshadowing of one of the other Legend of Zelda titles…

Anyway, go snag the Heart Container awaiting you on one side of the room, then at long last, step onto the portal.

13.5 Sage of Spirit

~ Temple of Light ~

Wouldn’t ya know it? Nabooru turns out to be the Sage of Spirit! I didn’t see that coming at all! 😉 She rambles for a bit, explaining that you’ve impressed her with your skill and how you totally beat up the bad guys. Go you! At long last, she gives you the final medallion.

Afterwards, the screen turns gray and you see yet another final word from the sage. Jeez, all the ladies have the hots for Link! At this point in the game, it’s kind of expected, but also getting a little frustrating. =P