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Aveil is a character that appears in Majora's Mask. She is the leader of the Gerudo Pirates, and the Terminian counterpart of the Gerudo Warrior from Ocarina of Time.

Like all pirates, she seeks treasure and wealth by stealing it. Her room is full of many treasures that she has stolen, including one of the Zora Eggs and the Hookshot. She is lied to by the Skull Kid and told that the Zora Eggs laid by Lulu will help them get past the dragon cloud floating over Great Bay, and also that the Great Bay Temple holds a great treasure. All of her efforts from then on are concentrated on getting that treasure. Her pirates steal the Zora Eggs from Lulu's room in Zora Hall before she has the opportunity to take them to the Marine Research Laboratory. However, several of the eggs were taken when the pirates were attacked by Deep Pythons near Pinnacle Rock.

During the stealth sequence which Link undergoes to rescue the eggs from the pirate fortress, he witnesses Aveil berating a subordinate for losing some of the eggs to the pythons. Link can interrupt this scene by shooting a beehive above the room, which causes the bees to attack the pirates, forcing them to flee.