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Bomb Shop Owner
Bomb Shop Owner from A Link to the Past


Unknown (cursed)



Dark World location of Link's House

The Bomb Shop Owner is a character from A Link to the Past.

A Link to the Past

Lttp bombkeeper.gif

The Bomb Shop Owner is a green alien-looking guy with a snout similar to an anteater's that he uses to puff air. His place of business is located in a building in the Dark World where Link's House is at in the Light World.

Just as his name implies, he sells Bombs and will come up with a more explosive bomb later called the Super Bomb. This bomb is a huge, red bomb and costs 100 Rupees. Link must use this bomb to gain access to the Mysterious Pond inside of the Pyramid of Power. In this pond, Link will meet the Cursed Fairy. If Link throws his bow and arrows into the water, the Cursed Fairy will give him the Silver Arrows; and if he throws his Sword into the water, he will get the Golden Sword.

Majora's Mask

The Terminian counterpart of the Bombchu Shop Owner in Ocarina of Time, the Bomb Shop owner is the proprietor of bombs in Termina. He is polite to his customers and childish to his mother, calling her "mommy" when talking to her. He has diagrams and notes written in the corner of the shop that demonstrate using a bomb-propelled rocket to go to the moon. It has not been confirmed that these are his ideas, but they are in his store, so it is very likely that they are. The rocket shown in the diagrams has already been constructed and sits in the left side of the shop. It is unknown if it has been used or works.

He sells Bombs, Bombchus, and Bomb Bags in his store. If Link recovers the items stolen by Sakon from his mother near midnight on the First Day, they will sell a bigger Bomb Bag.

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