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‎Duck Sprite from A Link to the Past





A Link to the Past
Kakariko Village Weather Vane
Twilight Princess
Ordon Village
Hena's Fishing Hole

A Duck is an animal that is featured within both A Link to the Past and Twilight Princess.


A Link to the Past

The duck in A Link to the Past belongs to the Flute Boy and becomes a great ally to Link. It is found after Link plays the Flute in Kakariko Village's square, specifically in front of the Weathercock. It appears in the spot where the wooden bird atop the weather vane was sitting.

After Link awakens it, it is able to take Link to eight locations throughout the Light World. Some of these locations are found near entrances to the Dark World. It makes another appearance when the duck transports Link from Ganon's Tower to the top of the Pyramid of Power.

In the ending credits, the duck is seen flying around in Kakariko Village.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, ducks can be found in Ordon Village and in Hena's Fishing Hole. Link must transform into his wolf form to speak with the ducks, and in return they will tell him information regarding the location of the Sinking Lure.