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Mad Batter is a character featured in A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening.


A Link to the Past

The Mad Batter can be found in the well near the Dwarves' Smithery at the east part of Kakariko Village. There is a cave found here, but the door inside is locked. However, after Link acquires the Magic Hammer, he can pound the peg, allowing him to jump down into the well below.

In the well there is a shrine where two green stone hands are grasping a stone bowl with a red liquid in it. If the bowl is sprayed with Magic Powder, then Mad Batter will appear. He is angered at Link for waking him from his deep, dark sleep. The Mad Batter says he will get his revenge against Link by taking away half of his magic. However, the Mad Batter does almost the opposite and reduces the amount of magic Link uses by half. Basically, doubling the amount of magic Link can use.

Link's Awakening

Unlike A Link to the Past, the Mad Batter has three different locations on Koholint Island. Those locations are the Mysterious Woods, Tal Tal Mountain Range, and Martha's Bay. In each area he is in a cave and a podium there must be sprinkled with magic powder in order to summon him. Once again Link has woken him up from his nap and he threatens to get his "revenge" by cursing Link. His "revenge" is making Link carry either more bombs, arrows, or magic powder along with giving Link the amount of items to the new limit.