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Sahasrahla's Grandson
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Sahasrahla (grandfather)
Sahasrahla's Wife (grandmother)

Sahasrahla's Grandson is a character from A Link to the Past. He is the grandson of Sahasrahla. Sahasrahla's Grandson cares for Cuccos and lives within Kakariko Village.

After Link rescues Princess Zelda and brings her to the Sanctuary, the Loyal Sage will point Link in the direction of Sahasrahla's house. The Sage asks Link to seek out the Elder, but upon arriving, Link only finds Sahasrahla's Wife. Sahasrahla's Wife tells Link that somebody in the village must know about his whereabouts. This somebody is Sahasrahla's Grandson, who can be found in the center of town near the Kakariko Village Shop.

When Link speaks with Sahasrahla's Grandson, he'll inform Link that Sahasrahla has gone into hiding near the Eastern Palace, and he'll mark the location on Link's map.[1] Sahasrahla's Hideout is found within the Eastern Palace Compound, just west of the actual Palace. Sahasrahla's Grandson also tells Link not to tell any of the bad people about this.

After Link meets up with Sahasrahla and then returns to Kakariko Village, this boy tells Link that if all the bad people in the village go away, his grandfather will be able to return.[2]

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  1. "Hi Link! Elder? Are you talking about the grandpa? OK, but don't tell any of the bad people about this. He's hiding in the palace past the castle. I will mark the spot on your map. Here you are..." — Sahasrahla's Grandson, A Link to the Past.
  2. "Did you meet the grandpa? If all the bad people go away, he can come back to the village." — Sahasrahla's Grandson, A Link to the Past.